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Fast repair of ceiling

If a ceiling was painted, it is smoothed out the pallet, delete the exfoliating paint and smooth roughnesses. After that the surface of a ceiling is oshkurivat or processed a wire brush or the roller. For a preparatory work it is better for

to use wide and narrow pallets: with rigid edges for a soskrebyvaniye of an old covering and with flexible edges to apply filling.

For protection of hands against solvents and detergents needs to have rubber gloves, and for protection of eyes and respiratory organs against a pla - a respirator and goggles.

the Initial stage of works is, as a rule, blur ceiling. It is necessary to wash away limy whitewashing always to the spreading filling layer. The soaked painting roller the layer of whitewashing is removed the steel pallet, and the remains of whitewashing wash away from a ceiling surface a wet sponge. However to delete with

from a ceiling an old covering by means of the pallet even on small sites - a hard work and not really pleasant. That to facilitate it, there is an old way: to moisten the surface painted by aqueous emulsion ink with water, strengthened on the long handle. Moisten a ceiling twice - the second time primerny in 15 - 20 minutes after the first moistening, having allowed water to be absorbed properly in paint. After that indoors create draft, the bulked-up paint is blown up and easily is removed the pallet. A lack of this way is only need to carry out work rather hastily on how many the blown-up paint after moisture evaporation exfoliates from a basis worse and worse.

Alignment of a ceiling

From that, will be how qualitatively leveled a surface, the subsequent appearance and reliability of a ceiling depends, respectively, this procedure is required to be made with special care or to charge it to professionals if you are not sure of the forces.

First of all, difference of level of a ceiling that further the nobility what thickness it is necessary to put a layer is defined. In case deviations no more than 50 mm use a primer, then filling and basic filling. If on a surface there are cracks, they are expanded with the pallet, clear and progruntovyvat. If cracks very big and deep, it is recommended to use filling on a cement or plaster basis.

Painting and whitewashing of a ceiling

After all procedures for preparation of a ceiling for coloring are made, we decide on paint type. The choice of such paints big is the best of all to use aqueous emulsion ink, the benefit.

Acrylic latex paints are most popular. They are famous for the durability, simplicity of drawing, firmness and goodness. For receiving an exotic and original shade it is possible to use the special painting additives. They are added to the main paint, creating a new shade.

If you decided to bleach a ceiling, then it is possible to use limy or cretaceous whitewashing if earlier your ceiling was not whitewashed by lime any more. When using cretaceous whitewashing on the ceiling whitewashed by lime will lead to emergence of spots and stains. Bleach a ceiling special pobelochny brushes or sprays. As well as in a case with paint, when whitewashing by a brush, in order to avoid traces, the last layer to be put towards a window, and previous - in the opposite direction.

After whitewashing or coloring indoors should not be draft, also on the painted or whitewashed surface of a ceiling direct sunshine so it is better to curtain off windows should not get.

As you can see, is ways not expensively to make finishing of a ceiling, from you only the desire, time and skills is required. It is not the complete list of possible materials for finishing of a ceiling, there are rack, suspended, wooden and even mosaic ceilings