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Coaching by means of the NLP of

Today I began to pass Frank Pyyuselik`s training Coaching by means of the NLP .

Material so fascinating, real, useful that I decided to share the abstracts with you, dear reader of my blog!

To express in words charm, to the power engineering specialist, humour, Frank Pyyuselik`s uniqueness it is impossible. I literally fell in love with him, is fascinated by him!

Look, surely look at this training if you want to become the present kouchy, the leader, the mentor!

Who such Frank Pyyuselik? It is not a lot of, is one of founders of the NLP, one of the trainers, best in the world (Read Interview with John Grinder and Frank Pyyuselik about emergence of the NLP)

much If to list all titles, merits and Frank Pyyuselik`s books, then the post will be very long. If it is interesting to you, then follow this link and read. Also you can read Frank Pyyuselik`s book Magic of the NLP without secrets

So, we will begin!

The negative and positive power

Exists two types of the power - negative and positive.

Negative - the simply and easy in application. Cnut`s power.

Do what I recommend because I am cleverer, more professional, I know more, And THAT

Further there are threats: And that I will not communicate with you, and that I will dismiss you, and I you will fine that, and I you will strike that Negative power, in a word.

Certainly, it is necessary in certain cases too.

The positive power is founded on trust, but not on threats. She is most effective and originally demands skills.

The positive power inspires, inspires, motivates. Fine power!

Growth ladder in Coaching

what you would not undertake, you will pass through this ladder of growth. What is it?

The first step is a point of the beginning Where I am . The knowledge of the present moment is just necessary today.

The general rule - not less than 10 indicators of the current situation of affairs on criteria which are measurable.

For what? To have an opportunity to measure progress, growth, success.

The last step of a ladder of growth is a point of the end Where I want to come . Ultimate goal.

In each of us there is not one, not two, but enormous quantity of ladders of success.

Growth ladder steps. Five criteria

the Miracle of success are defined by steps. If you know how to take steps, you cannot be stopped.

The miracle of Success is concluded in steps!

Each step can be measured. There are five obligatory criteria.



Low risk level

Concrete behavior

Orientation to success


Here everything is clear. Each step has to be achievable, we will carry out, is possible.

The purposes are sets of tasks. You split up the purpose for feasible tasks (steps)


Steps have to be short-term to keep interest.

If it is interesting to the person, then he works as the person to whom it is interesting. If within a week there is no reason for celebration, then people loses interest. It is work, it is important - he says to himself, but efficiency of its work at the same time promptly falls.

Low risk level

of People should not be afraid of a failure, failures. Yes, he can study when to it it is terrible when he is afraid, but thinks at the same time: And what I will do if it does not turn out instead of that how to achieve success .

If the leader is guided by the perception of risk ( It is EASY for me, I it DID one thousand times ) he makes a big mistake.

The small risk causes interest, a call.

High risk - fear which is effective as a brake, but not as the creator.

The concrete behavior

of the Task needs to be formulated specifically, but it is not indistinct. Accurate, clear instructions. In order that the person precisely knew as as in what sequence he has to make.

Orientation to success

Create an opportunity for the person to be glad to the victories. Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

Your success as leader it is measured by what occurs at the person in the head.

If he does not cope - the reason one. You developed bad design of steps on achievement of the purpose.

It means that not all five OBLIGATORY criteria were considered.