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Smoking and alcoholism - why we are brainwashed?

seem to me, our society simply does not understand,

to what abyss it flies

Tobacco and " alcohol; ate society to the basis:

changed values, there is no bright incentive to live -

all in some fog -

society in a smoke - in a death smoke

We can long argue on weapons of mass destruction - the nuclear weapon, but it - only * a political bludgeon * . The weapons of mass destruction which ruin our society and modern generation are on sale at every turn, are actively advertized, actively extend.

involved Us in this bog: from us extort health and money, in exchange we receive - diseases and early death, and also mass degradation, delay of economic development of the country, besides, we lose life priorities - we do not know why we live

of People has to live life, but not that which to it is imposed!.

Conclusions for us are drawn * SMI+ of the Power * which speak - whispers where it is necessary to tick off in the ballot what it is necessary to watch at to whom to listen what to eat and drink how to live! It is possible to call it advertizing, it is possible - hypnosis as you want. Here the result is important.

we Will stop on so-called * addictions * - smoking and alcohol intake.

Think over the following problems and the facts:

On average on processing of one kilogram of tobacco (tobacco drying) from 4 to 13 kg of a tree leave.

Now in the world about 1000 pieces of cigarettes a year on one inhabitant of the planet let out.

In Russia 60% of men and 30% of women smoke. 80%. Figures grow! The smoking people die on average for 15 years before non-smoking.

the Official statistics says that 20 - 30 thousand people die of an alcoholic poisoning in Russia annually.

according to Rospotrebnadzor, the real number is REGULAR taking alcohol In LARGE NUMBERS approaches to 5. 000. 000 people (!) and alcoholism in Russia looks younger . *

Can and remember Dulles`s horror story 1 All this

it is very sad Can watch TV? And there advertizing of beer, alcohol, amazing on beauty, scope attracting (big-budget advertizing of Gazprom has a rest). In shelf supermarkets just burst with alcohol - beer, vodka, wine, cognac, whisky, brandy... People take alcohol the whole packings, boxes.

is Also conducted active advertizing on the Internet which uses, generally youth - * and here to you vivifying beer in a new bottle - travites*. For such things generally it is necessary to put. But in our country for such things put in smart leather chairs and allocate the land plots on Rublyovka.

Fact: light cigarettes are a myth, an advertizing gimmick that bought more, spent money more and smoked even more. Promotion of alcohol and tobacco. Promotion of narcotic poisons!

Relation of the power:

Everything already became in the nature of things, was settled in consciousness of millions. Well, on health of our population the American tobacco corporations make milliard fortunes. Well - Russians with the menacing speed die out. And whom it worries?


of the President?.

... All as was, indeed Became promotion of alcohol and cigarettes only even more. It is favorable to the government because the HUGE income from sale of cigarettes and alcohol - goes for the maintenance of a huge state machinery.

Sells poison - narcotic poison to the population - the state which thus also controls the population, * holds on privyazi*. Alcohol and tobacco also rebate brains which can easily be powdered.

of the Power show us from screens that they are anxious with health of the population of Russia. But almost all actions which are taken by them is a facade for show. In a root anything is wanted to be changed.

Prohibition: to

In civilized countries forbade advertizing of alcoholic products and cigarettes for a long time, for a long time it is forbidden to smoke and drink in public places, sale of poison is strictly limited also under control.

Once this experience was and is passed by us... and result of such law were: increase in birth rate and decline in mortality, growth of labor productivity and acceleration of GDP growth.

Well, misters smokers and alcoholics - the victims if you accept prospect of premature death if you want an illness at the children, then you smoke, drink. And on your diseases and diseases of your children ( THROUGH YOUR FAULT!!! ) drug manufacturers will make (and make) huge money.

And if at last reached your smoked and pickled brain in alcohol that such smoking, alcoholic drinks that you are just used, profit on you - that give up this business, throw (!!!)...