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The new movie with Jim Carrey - at once on a regiment?

the Movie with Jim Carrey`s participation I Love You Phillip Morris again will go to become dusty on a regiment.

to That audience that hoped to fall in love with Filip Morris well or, at least, to look at how Jim Carrey will love Filip Morris, it is necessary to wait again a little bit. And maybe it is much more than a little bit .

Consolidated Pictures Group (CPG), the company which was already ready to distribute this picture postponed release once again. And this time - for an indefinite term.

The premiere of the film took place last year at a festival of independent cinema in Sandensa, and then and within director`s displays in Cannes. Originally rolling history of a tape had to begin on March 26, 2010. But at the end of February the letting-out company suddenly postponed date of release to April 30. And, it was start date of limited hire, and expansion of displays had to happen in the next several weeks.

Now representatives of the company declared postponement again, and this time exact date is not called any more.

We will remind that the tape is put according to Glenn Fikarra and John Rekua`s scenario, screenwriters Bad Santa . The plot turns around the love relations of the imprisoned speculator (Jim Carrey) and his cellmate (Euan McGregor, that Filip Morris). Displays of a tape at festivals caused very inconsistent responses.

But, despite everything, the movie had admirers who estimated Carrey`s readiness to charge themselves with this burden (especially considering that his character - not fictional).

By itself, some tapes can for years will fail on shelves of studios waiting for the potential film distributor. It is strange that this bowl did not pass the project with so noticeable stars and a considerable share of attention in various mass media.

CPG picked up a tape for hire following the results of a festival in Sandensa after the picture could not find the buyer. Some it gave a reason to doubt that in the market of independent film distributors everything is really sad and sad. However after the latest events with postponement of release, doubts is not present any more.