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Whether it is possible to earn on the Internet without investments?

Very often arise a question - whether can be earned on the Internet money, without putting kopeks ?

I answer: It is possible, but it will be a maximum of dollars 10 in a month, at the same time a lot of time will be spent.

Any kind of earnings on the Internet which really brings money always demands initial investments in tools (means of livelihood) and in knowledge .

Tools on the Internet are the any programs facilitating and automating activity. (For example: for loading of files, it is programs for autoposting at forums and the news websites that not hands to create messages.)

Knowledge - practically any knowledge can be found in the Internet, but if you need to investigate any wide subject and absolutely new to you, then it is possible to become puzzled and get confused very easily in amount of information. To use much more simply and more effectively any course which already someone collected or wrote, passed through itself and gave ready step-by-step instructions and training . It is natural before something to buy, it is necessary to look for reviews of the bought product, in the searcher or at forums.

All of us perfectly know - There`s no such thing as a free lunch therefore do not trust loud slogans type - You Will earn, without putting, 100 million Dollars!!!

Initial expenses, as well as in real business always are!!! Another thing is that it is possible to try to minimize expenses , but then it is necessary to spend time namnoooooy more. So here two-edged sword.

It is possible to create the website or the blog , to untwist it in the free ways and to earn from monetization , but all the same there are costs of hosting and registration of a domain name . Of course you can tell that there are free hostings and domains 3 - go level, but they are suitable more for training of creation of the website since they are strongly vulnerable.

So if you decided to earn additionally on the Internet , but you have no money for initial expenses, then can advise to begin to save gradually money , and while they gather, to raise the level of knowledge . For a start it is possible to be trained on free resources, such as narod. ru (for the websites) or blogspot. com (for blogs), for example: to create the first blog, to be trained to write articles - subject choose any.

But it is necessary to raise the level of knowledge not only in the area the Internet - earnings , but also to read motivational literature . I advise to begin with Robert Kiyosaki`s book Rich father, Poor Father - it will help you not to lose a spirit.

profitable business with the smallest expenses which opens boundless opportunities of earnings, gives to step-by-step instructions and the help of mentors who already passed let beginners and are interested in yours success - it is of MLM , i.e. multilevel marketing . The Internet gives to very great opportunities since it is the biggest advertizing platform in the world and people find you to enter your team.

But MLM is not a freebie and it is necessary to work, but this work will be facilitated by step-by-step instructions and the help of the mentor .

Business in which I participate and I select people in team is described completely in my blog.

I wish successful earnings on the Internet and patience. . :)