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Who do I am? (On the Ways to Success, part No. 1)

It is rich or poor, young or aged, the janitor or the banker, than you would not be engaged whoever you were, once, having stopped, you will ask yourself questions:

For the sake of what I live?

What purpose of my life?

And correctly I lived before and I want to continue to live so further?

When such thoughts you come or:

at once you drive away them not to spend time in vain since did not cope with them

any more before having thought and having analysed the past, you fall into a stupor or a depression

oooooooochen small percent of people remains happy with themselves and speaks Yes I want to continue to live so!!!

I suggest to consider the first 2 cases. The general between them it, the fact that you do not know what to do and how to struggle with the results which did not satisfy you. As well as from what party to approach this question?

First of all needs not to be too lazy and to carry out deep introspection , full audit in itself. If not to decide on problems how you change something?

All work on introspection it is necessary to carry out surely with paper and the handle !!!

So, for a start, it is worth writing out:

Everything that does not suit you in this life.

What traits of character which yet not a regional adat, you would like to possess and what to eradicate.

to Make the most detailed list of your dreams (yes dreams). VERY IMPORTANT!! !

the Purposes to which you want to aspire and do not limit yourself to a present state of affairs, write that what really you want to achieve.

That or who prevents you to achieve written in the previous list.

On drawing up the above described lists not one day and not one sheet of paper can leave, everything depends on ambitions and life experience . The main thing you do not hurry and very well think.

If someone from readers needs the help in drawing up similar lists, can write separate article with examples on the basis of personal lists, on my Blog.

Now let`s be defined for what we wrote so much, and has to be written much or you badly thought. And we made it in order that you could be defined at last Where you are now Where you want to go and Why. I.e. to decide on the purposes in your life which will be able to motivate you so that want to change your current situation and to leave a habitual zone of comfort to the better future.

Remember!!! - we always receive on what we concentrate!!! If there is a kontsetration on any purpose, then the brain begins to generate and look for methods of realization of this purpose automatically.

Adjust the thoughts on the fact that your purposes are very significant and then, what you conceived and what believed in Will be real to reach.

Davny - long ago I liked the following scheme which as well as possible expresses process of transition from dream to result:

The dream inspires to create these or those thoughts-> Thoughts create images-> Images cause feelings-> Feelings motivate to act-> Actions lead to result.

On a material example:

You dream of the cool car-> the Dream leads to thought of what concrete car there is a speech-> the thought of the concrete car creates its visual image-> the Image causes strong feelings and desire to have it-> feelings motivate to act, i.e. scheduling how to catch (how to earn or save up) such car-> leads Action to result - you buy it!!!

It is pleasant??!! But on it all does not come to an end. Samay the main surprise - this scheme is cyclic, i.e. having received result, you receive confidence in yourself and the forces and all begins anew with the doubled force. It is already possible to achieve any Tops .

And here if you turn this scheme and look at it upside-down, then you will understand as you came to the current situation.

Conclusion: in order that to change your life , it is necessary to work and begin with statement of the purposes which follows from your dreams and shortcomings.

Item of page: if you did not understand yet what to do with the list of those who to you prevents to achieve all you dream of, I will prompt - will throw out it and re-read article since achievement of your purposes can be prevented only by you.

Yours faithfully, Victor Kapsamun