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Now it is very simple to become pregnant. 8 recommendations of successful conception

the Loving spouse, the smart and comfortable house, dear children what else is necessary for happy life? Meaning of life of any girl to give posterity, however not always it manages to be made as easily as it was planned.

There are my several vital councils which will help to carry out successfully conception and will positively influence pregnancies and childbirth.

1. Accept B9 vitamin. The standard daily rate for adults makes 400 mkg, folatsin will allow to avoid impossibility to take out the child, flakings of a placenta and emergence of uglinesses at future child. Drink since morning of orange juice or a sjeshta orange, a remarkable source of B9 vitamin.

2. Fertile period first of all. Be engaged in conception of the child in 5 days prior to the ovulation period, and still it is desirable 1 time in 2 days. In uterine tubes will be there is enough fresh zingers who will increase probability of fertilization.

3. Drink coffee without caffeine. Physicians declare that caffeine slows down development of the kid, reducing inflow of blood to a uterus. Besides very frequent the uses of coffee more than 3 - 4 cups a day promote development of additional problems of fertilization.

4. Full inspection before conception. Consult at the expert, make tests on venereal diseases, be checked for a sovmemtimost with the partner. Ideal option - the center of planning of a family.

5. You watch microflora for the partner`s sperm. Avoid vaginal sprays and the flavored tampons, in addition do not use vegetable oil for moistening, artificial greasings, avoid saliva. Forget about syringing, it can lead to violation of acidity of a vagina, develop diseases of area of a basin, and also reduce the volume of the tservikalny slime important on delivery of spermatozoa to an ovum.

6. Do not allow excessive physical exercises, especially in a groin. It is desirable to replace the exercise bike with a path for run, thereby you will be able to avoid probability of the injuries interfering fertilization.

7. It is not periods. Be not afraid of small allocations which it is usually shown in 7 days after sexual intercourse. This time when the ovum is attached to a uterus wall.

8. Application of antibiotics, hormonal tablets and analgetics contrary to the settled myth should not distort result.

9. Relax, a good way for this purpose - an orgasm. Scientists proved, the orgasm can weaken 22 times more effectively than any tranquilizer.

10. Acquire the test for pregnancy for establishment of the fact of fertilization. In 97% of cases the test will show you are pregnant or not. Look at an expiration date and read the summary.

11. If you did not make it yet, begin to conduct a calendar of menstrual cycles. It will be so simpler will define the best day for conception.

12. Patients with diabetes are surely obliged to control a disease. It is the best of all to be engaged in conception of the kid at early age before you begin problems with vascular system.

13. It is not necessary to fly to a bathroom right after sexual intercourse. Have a rest, just you lie about 5 - 10 minutes, it will strengthen probability of successful fertilization of a spermatozoon and an ovum.