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How to drink beer by rules?

it is possible to Drink beer differently. To take true pleasure from this drink, it must be kept in mind the following:

Rule 1. Freeze brains, but not beer!

Even if you drink cheap, legenky beer, cool it on ice better, but not in the freezer. Otherwise beer will turn into an icicle.

Rule 2. Any remains! to Leave to

at least a drink in a bottle is a sacrilege! This terrible crime against all mankind and, undoubtedly, has to be punished with all severity! Next time do not order more, than you can drink, and if there was such opportunity, then collect all forces, all will in a fist and drink up.

Rule 3. Still you drink from a small bottle?

can be Drunk from a bottle some third-rate slops which and beer - that it is a shame to call. But if you drink the real, qualitative beer, if you please, pour it in a beer glass or a mug. Especially if this nonfiltered beer which is not adapted for long dwelling in the corked container at all. Your debt - to unbind it, to pour out in a glass, having left a vile deposit in a bottle. As soon as you let out beer as gin on freedom, miracles will begin. Its taste and aroma will become brighter, and will change depending on glass depth. You do not trust? Try.

Rule 4. Plastic glasses? Never!

you Plan a big party and you need a lot of container under beer? Even do not think of cheap plastic glasses, do not save and buy unbreakable plastic glasses. It will automatically transfer your party with beer in kega to new level. From fragile disposable glasses beer spills on a carpet eternally, in them the beautiful foamy hat is impossible, and at a certain degree their podpitiya in general it is impossible to hold in hand normally.

Rule 5. Bank or bottle?

to Drink beer from banks abruptly? Aha, of course, if you drink crappy beer. Beer in banks is quickly cooled, but nevertheless it is necessary to drink it from a glass not to feel taste banks, in - the first and not to get drunk ahead of time, in - the second. Especially if it is very big can. Pour beer in a mug, drink slowly, and only after the mug becomes empty, it is possible to add still.

Rule 6. Do not hold it in hand

Stop to drag all night long in hands the beer. Put it on a table, you what, there is nothing hand to borrow more? Most of people do not even suspect as strongly and quickly the glass and drink heats up in hands. And in a warm look any beer, even very expensive and very good, turns into slops.

Rule 7. You love for free?

You from those people who never buy beer to friends? Of course, you quietly accept an entertainment from others and hope that when your turn to buy beer approaches or to chip in together for the following box, all will be already too drunk that to remember it. The devil take you! Throw at least a little in the general heap from time to time. You know what happens to zhadyuga which do not chip in together together with all for beer? For this terrible sin they end up in hell where at all - at all there is no beer and at all there is no liquid!

Rule 8. To drink in a volley not abruptly.

Never drink all beer at once, do not drink one drink, do not drink in a volley, so that beer flew down on all person, well, take your time! Now it is permissible, only if you were born and grew up at brewery. And if on cheeks or a chin at you flows down though a drop, or, God forbid, you will choke - you will look as the full idiot. At least, be trained at home before showing the steepness on public.

Rule 9. Too strong?

do not drink beer of unknown brand, you will not find out yet as far as it strong (etotaky figure as a percentage on a label if that). Only fools order unfamiliar import beer. It is amusing to observe how laymen whip the Belgian Strong Gold Ale as though this cheap light beer, and then fall when try to rise from - for a table or cannot normally reach a toilet. So watch that you drink.

Rule 10. Beer nationality.

you Love ethnic cuisine? Then wash down dishes of the corresponding nationality with beer. You have supper at the Mexican restaurant - order Dos Equis. You eat something Chinese - take Tsing Tao. You prefer the Italian dishes - then you will suit Peroni. To Indian cuisine - Saag, and to sushi - Sapporo. Well, generally, the picture is clear.

Rule 11. Never submit to rules. to

Next time when you order beer, do not take what you usually suck from a small bottle or what is drunk by all. We feel sick from such obsequious, ordinary and pathetic types which speak: To me the same, as to it or I will be the same . Stop to kowtow, surprise yourself. Who knows, maybe, you then will have the taste. We know that all take the checked beer, but you should not be as all. I will try something new, be not afraid, do not die of it. On the contrary, it will make you wiser and is more skilled.

Respect beer!