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Whether the pleasure can bring repair?

Repair are elements, but it is possible to struggle with these elements successfully. Also the thick purse, how many a special psychological spirit is for this purpose necessary not so much. It is necessary to prepare for surprises in advance.

Unfortunately, at the majority the word repair is associated with huge (and that it is even worse, unpredictable) expenses and enormous expenses of nerves (and, alas, very often these associations are quite justified). The standard picture of repair looks approximately so: amicable spouses carefully study the corresponding press, write out in a special notebook of a quotation on all necessary, from their point of view, types of works, postpone the corresponding sum, and walk smack in repair that is called all four .

Through very short time somehow suddenly it is found out that to put the beautiful tile lovingly chosen as mother of family it is necessary to level walls in kitchen and to replace water and sewer pipes, and for this purpose it is necessary to remake all cranes on a strut. To put sockets under coffee - the car and a microwave, it is necessary to stretch to an electroguard new lash and to touch a guard (and that will blaze, as Moscow in 1812). At last, to replace batteries - it is necessary to merge for several days water from heating system even not of an entrance, but the whole house.

It would seem that it is simpler than replacement of batteries? But without cranes which are during the lunchtime thirty years old and which, on all technical conditions, have to be on deserved rest long ago (that is on a garbage can). To turn off - it is impossible to fasten - it is necessary to saw and cook. You go begging in the MISINFORMATION and explain there need to merge water from all strut. MISINFORMATION, as a rule, undertakes this operation, but very it is not free. As a result, in the best traditions of the theory of relativity time extends, money contract and once amicable family looks at each other a wolf and seriously thinks of divorce (and it not exaggeration: according to sociologists, one of eight divorces on one hundred for the last decade happens from - for repair).

Or other picture. You the person provided, also bought the apartment in the center house of pre-revolutionary construction. Even if you were not infected by idea of the clever house, all of you - want to live more - less comfortably. It is clear, that the concept of comfort does not include month without hot water at all, and, therefore, the primitive electric boiler enters at least. And conducting in all house was laid without trifle a century ago and not only that it is worn-out very much, so also is calculated on only 4 kilowatts of peak power (when are necessary to you at least 20, and it is better - all 50).

What to do? To put a cable. Where? If very much carries - to a house board on good cable channels (it will cost you only in two prices of a cable). And if does not carry, then to the next transformer, through several entrances, on the way punching walls and overlappings and opening trenches (and in this case it is worth thinking of change of the apartment as two prices can belong not to a cable here any more, and to the cost of the apartment).

Similar subtleties great variety. How to survive in such difficult life situation, and, it is desirable, to keep at the same time a family and sensible mind? The knowing people say that it is very simple: it is necessary to increase by two estimated expenses, and everything that goes not as it was planned, it is simple not to take very much to heart. Then everything that will go according to the plan and will meet the taken-away budget, will seem a godsend.