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What will be if to cross Jaws with the new 3D format?

do not pass also day that somebody did not declare the next new three-dimensional release. Monasteries spilbergovsky Jaws much are haunted, but so far nobody decides on a direct remake. Nevertheless, sharks - the frequent guest of various horror films, including new 3D - release which statement the former stuntman, and nowadays the director, David R. Ellis will undertake.

Ellis within 20 years worked in Hollywood as the stuntman / head of group of stuntmen. Behind his shoulders such sensational tapes, as Scarface Deadly " weapon; Roadside institution Days of a thunder Mizeri Family of Addams It is made in America etc.

Then Ellis felt in himself forces and decided to take more convenient and highly paid place - the place of the director. In this form it had already a little enough known to the viewer of pictures: Destination 2 (2003), Cellular (2004), Snake flight (2006) and Destination 4: 3D (2009). It is obvious that all these movies cannot brag of high creative potential, but accurately fit into a framework popcorn - entertaining cinema.

And recently the director subscribed under the new project - a horror film Night with sharks 3D . Extremely simple name from which it becomes clear at once, what the viewer should face. Snake flight - snakes, Night with sharks - sharks. There is no place more simply.

On the one hand the third part of the movie " is remembered; Jaws which in the original carries the name Jaws 3 - D . It is year 1983. IMDb rating at this picture just ridiculous - 3. 3. In other words, total failure. Even, despite Dennis Quade`s participation.

However Ellis is more inclined to make a start during creation of future floating monsters not from well-known clicking franchizes, and from much later movie of Rennie Harlin Deep blue sea . With it it will be helped also by the director of visual effects Deep blue sea Walt Conti who often had to work with various natatorial (Release Willie, the Anaconda).