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How to grow thin in a dream? Whether it is possible?

Until recently I would not believe too that it is possible to grow thin in a dream. However, scientists proved that it is possible. All of us wait for days off by all means to sleep, we dream with pleasure of how all of us will see sweet dreams, and it will not be necessary to look for the alarm clock shouting under an ear convulsively.

I always look forward Saturday, too I am tired within a week, but mother since the early childhood accustomed me to get up early, said that it is useful for health and it is possible to get on well at life much more, and so will oversleep all life. And so, in something it was right, really it is undesirable to children to sleep long, it can lead to the wrong development of the child, excess weight. But all, probably, remember that in clever books is written that if the child needs to sleep about 8 hours, then the adult has enough 6 - 8 hours, of course, of a regular dream.

At last scientists on our party, the Canadian experts - researchers proved that the long dream not only is not harmful, is on the contrary useful to the adult. The organism is reconstructed at youthful age, during a transition period, there is a splash in hormones that the need for bigger quantity of a dream leads. It appears, nevertheless to sleep long - it is useful.

Naturally, you should not think that now it is possible to give up trainings, to eat everything that there is a wish also - to sleep all free time. Of course, no, it is not necessary to turn into the Sleeping Beauty. The dream in itself will not burn our calories and will not clean fat. Business all that it is necessary to sleep not just long, but also is correct! You should not give up sports activities and healthy nutrition. It is necessary to organize correctly dream time, then you will be able to adjust a metabolism that is the main component influencing a beautiful figure.

The matter is that each person has inner clock of an organism, in these hours the organism as if redistributes forces, process of a metabolism changes. For example, physicians know for a long time that during the period from 16 to 18 o`clock, patients feel pain less, and here we in Russia have not enough clever chiefs so far. How you think when the maximum concentration of attention? In 15. 00, and at all not in 9. The 15th mornings on Monday. But it is the general, approximate hours, each organism has rhythms therefore there are people - owls and larks, by the way, there is also the third type of people, but probably, all envy them therefore they remained very little:-) only 10% of total number. These people can be reoriented under the changing circumstances, to be in the morning a lark, and in the evening - an owl.

Small lyrical digression: if you sleep less than 5 hours a day, you risk to gain weight and this risk is 4 times more, than at the person sleeping 8 and more hours. At a dream more than 8 hours there is opportunity not only to keep a slim and beautiful figure, but also to grow thin in a dream.

Time is these internal clocks, and they at everyone the, it is necessary to define them for itself. It will allow not only to choose time for a dream, but also it is correct to make the schedule of sports activities. Highlights are approximately such if you consider yourself as a lark, then any physical activities after 16 are contraindicated to you. 00, and here I consider myself as an owl, I can never get up in time, I set an alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier that there was a stock to roll about slightly - slightly in a bed. To me and the same owls as I it is impossible to play sports in the mornings. Once, being still a student, I went to a sports center, usually in the afternoon all were engaged in sections, bathed, played different sports, in the evenings there were discos, and then walks till the morning, and here morning was dreadful. And not only because went to bed approximately hours at 5 in the morning, and rise was in 7. 00 but because it was necessary to run 2 km on the beach, then easy charging and a heat, all would nothing, but not everyone maintained it. I hope that our clever teachers keep up to date:-) and they will consider researches of the Canadian scientists and will revise schedules of occupations in sport camps. By the way, I got up on such actions of all few times, could not cope with desire to remain in a bed.

But there is more to come, some in hope to dump superfluous as it seems to them, weight before the summer period of holidays, begin to train in gyms till several hours if only to achieve desirable result, but it is necessary to remember that as soon as darkens, in any organism sleep hormone begins to be produced irrespective of, a lark you or an owl. At this time all processes including the metabolism in an organism is slowed down, activity of a brain decreases. But muscular activity therefore it is very useful to go to the gym after the working day, an organism increases as if itself it is ready for combustion of fats.

Bloggers like to work in the evenings and at the nights that, appears, promotes that the organism which is not adjusted on brain activity any more tries to resist, demands more energy, hunger appears. Probably, noticed that having been earned in the evening till the night, there is a strong wish to chew something, and we go to the refrigerator.

We will try everything - to define an individual biorhythm. The periods of activity alternate with dormant periods. Let`s take for a reference point time when you wake up without alarm clock independently and well you feel. The person wakes up during active part, it makes about 4 hours, alternates with rest, about 2 hours. If to calculate all day according to this rule, then it is possible to execute as much as possible much, and to sleep to lay down at the beginning of a quiet passive stage of the organism. In this case rest will be full.

Whether so nevertheless it is possible to grow thin in a dream? The myth it or reality, depends on ourselves. If we are able to calculate, having tried such schedule during week-end, our hours of activity and rest, then we will be able always to be in shape, harmonous and beautiful that will be surely estimated by our relatives. The dream will become reality!