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What components contain in natural cosmetics?

to choose cosmetic, it is necessary to know from what components it is made. If it is about natural cosmetics , then depending on purpose of cosmetic, they can be divided into several groups.

Groups of means.

1. Natural substances and extracts which receive, using an extract, from natural preparations. As for traditional medicine, in it extracts can be received by means of insisting, using various herbs. The modern cosmetology for receiving extract from medicinal vegetable raw materials uses special solvent. This way allows not only to take a necessary component, but also to keep its long time.

2. Mixes of liquid volatiles and essential oils. They are received by distillation from a vegetable preparation. It is possible to buy face cream or gel with such components in specialized shop. Plants subject to boiling down procedure. All necessary substances are emitted together with steam. When using a method of condensation all of them are caught and settle on vessel walls. These couples also form a radio consistence. That all important components did not disappear, connect them to oil. As a result oil with aroma and useful properties turns out. It is difficult to store essential oil. And over time it loses not only the color and a consistence, but also those useful qualities which possesses. Therefore preservatives are added to it. They prevent oxidation and damage not only this oil, but also all cosmetic.

3. Vegetable oil. It is in any cream which is realized in shop of natural cosmetics . Oil carries out very important function for skin. Skin develops a protective layer which protects it from harmful effects of environment. Also it helps to hold moisture, without letting out it on a surface. Using means for washing, we destroy this natural layer. As a result it can lead to the fact that skin will become dry and in it inflammatory processes will begin. For restoration of a lipidic layer it is possible to use the following types of vegetable oils: almond, cedar, linen, sesame, olive. They contain fatty acids which are used by an organism for restoration of a lipidic layer. Existence in cream of mineral oil says that it is impossible to call it natural. Therefore before to buy a face pack or other cosmetic, it is necessary to be convinced of its absence.

Preservatives in natural cosmetics.

If the natural cosmetics contains

sinteticheskiyekonservant, dyes and fragrances, then they have to be in the minimum quantities, especially those that cause an allergy. Natural oil gives in to storage, in comparison with mineral much more difficult.

The cosmetic companies which are engaged in production of natural cosmetics, of soap of handwork use vegetable preservatives. Such preparations as cowberry, red currant, bilberry, blackcurrant incorporate benzole acid which is a strong natural anti-septic tank. But also as natural preservatives it is possible to apply the following preparations in production:

- propolis,

- inflorescences of a camomile,

- extract from leaves of an eucalyptus,

- an extract from a leaf of a birch and a bird cherry.

But nevertheless it is necessary to remember that existence of natural components does not allow to store a cosmetic preparation long time. Therefore before to buy shower gel or to buy bath salt , it is necessary to pay attention to period of storage of this cosmetic.

We will allocate a number of preparations which have the best effect on skin.

Magic preparations.

1. Allantoin. He is capable to improve a condition of skin. It is possible to find it in a maple, red beet, in radish tubers, in wheat sprouts, a chestnut.

2. Vitamin E (tocopherol). This substance is intended for protection of skin. It smoothes skin, facilitates to epidermis ability to connect water. But if on packing it is written that a preparation with " vitamin E;, it means that the content of vitamin is not enough. Inscription vitamin E for the looking after effect means that in its final product not less than 0,2%. Well, and if it is enriched with " vitamin E;, then, its content is not less than 0,5%.

3. Vitamin A (Retinolum). This connection quite fragile as vitamin A instantly breaks up at contact with oxygen. Therefore vitamin A gets to a cosmetic preparation in the form of a palmitat. In the skin it also turns into necessary vitamin A. It is necessary to Buy face cream with this vitamin to promote stimulation of regeneration processes in skin. Retinolum compensates all changes happening in an organism and also gives to skin an attractive, well-groomed look. But for this purpose it is necessary that its quantity in means was 0,05 - 0,1%.

4. Vitamin C (askorbilpalmitat). This vitamin helps cages to struggle with viruses and bacteria.

5. Pantenol. He represents one of vitamin B forms. A problem of a pantenol - to connect water. Besides it calms skin and has curative impact on it. It is just necessary to buy a face pack with it beauty vitamin . At the same time it is necessary to watch that concentration of vitamin was within 0,05% - 0,5%.

6. Pro-vitamin A (carotene). He is a predecessor of vitamin A which is formed in an organism. It is necessary for normal work of immune system that vitamin was in enough. It is important not only for eyes, but also for a mucous membrane, and for skin. It is possible to buy shower gel , cream with antioxidant effect which is reached from use in means of this ingredient.

7. Urea. This means is the most known as it has the moistening effect. Urea is very often chosen as the main operating means. External putting urea promotes increase of content of water in epidermis. Urea is used also with other components to achieve the moistening effect. Therefore it is possible to buy natural cosmetics with the content of this ingredient. Use of urea as the dominating preparation means that its contents has to be within 1% - 10%. And it is necessary for mitigation and moistening that it was 5% - 10%.

8. Hyaluronic acid. Effect of this acid is based that it is capable to form steady connection with a keratin in epidermis. This acid gives to skin softness and smoothness. This effect is reached by the fact that it forms a film which fixes epidermis layer scales. With age the amount of own acid in an organism gradually decreases. Therefore the part of women tries to get preparations which contain this component. Because its cost is high, it is used in insignificant quantities. But even small dosages are capable to work wonders with skin.