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How to prepare shish kebabs outdoors with comfort?

As soon as come warm spring days, there is an irresistible desire to escape from city captivity, far away from noise and a congestion of people, to enjoy the ringing silence and the clean air which is given to drink by gentle aromas of the wakening nature And in days off and holidays reach from the city of a chain of cars towards housing estates, for coast of nearby reservoirs, for picturesque forest edges.

And if went to the country, then without picnic it is impossible in any way. Unique beauty of a decline and rising, the purest air, chatter of birdies, a heart-to-heart talk at the crackling fire behind a glass of good wine - romanticism! Of course, appetite is in the fresh air played so that not to do without food. Also it is desirable that it was not just tasty, and and freshly cooked directly on the place, on the fire coals radiating with heat. And what most favourite dish at us at sorties to the country? Correctly, shish kebab! Here we will also talk about delights of its preparation.

You do not need to construct the improvised brazier from improvised materials - TurStandart. RU will help you to make rest not only unforgettable, but also comfortable. When cooking you will not feel any discomfort, nothing will sadden your pleasant pastime. The compact equipment will allow you suit in only a few minutes small convenient kitchen in any place.

The lunch in serene day in the fresh air yes with the good company is always a holiday. But if there is no time or an opportunity to leave on the nature, then picnic can be arranged directly in the yard of the country house or at the dacha, without being distracted for a long time from household chores. For such a case a country brazier - the fact that it is necessary!

A compact brazier on wheels it is possible to arrange in any the place, convenient for itself and to start culinary sacraments. It is possible to prepare on it not only shish kebabs, but also beefsteaks, chops and other meat and fish dishes.

And if you want to diversify the menu to please relatives not only meat dishes, then pay attention to a country brazier on wheels in which package the cauldron is included. Conveniently located arm allows to cook both first courses, and garnishes along with shish kebabs.

And here the brazier with a roof can even be compared to a small summer kitchen. The beautiful design allows it to fit into a landscape of any site without prejudice to fine country landscapes. This brazier gathers from three main parts: rack, box and roof. In addition to it it is possible to get an arm and a cauldron on 7 liters. With such brazier and bad weather - the roof will reliably protect the prepared dishes at all, and the table can be laid both in the house, and in an arbor.

For sorties on a bosom of the nature it is possible to take with itself an easy brazier - a barbecue which will not take a lot of place in a car luggage carrier, it is easy to bring together him on the place from accessories. The brazier is regulated on height and, except everything, is supplied with convenient and safe handles for carrying.

At desire it is possible to get a brazier - a barbecue from stainless steel. As well as the previous model, it is supplied by all necessary for preparation of shish kebabs - convenient lattices for firewood and a barbecue, skewers. In addition to it it is possible to buy the pallet to cook cutlets or fried eggs.

Convenience of our braziers in transportation and operation will allow the city dweller to feel confident and is comfortable even in field conditions. Conjuring with appetizing shish kebabs to the accompaniment of bird`s trills, you will feel a true pleasure from this process. And by all means want to repeat! Gain strength before working everyday life on a nature bosom, spring - fine time for rest under the open sky.