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Hatkh - the yogi. What can it give to each of us?

Any normal person do not want to be sick and weak, but in the majority people for some reason prefer to spend the health without excess thoughts, without giving anything to an organism in exchange. And only after emergence of some diseases begin to look for an exit feverishly. And it is possible to prevent problems much earlier, without spending for it special efforts and means.

You want to know in what way? Let`s talk about hatkh - yoga . - not the religion, is the ancient Indian system, the real science about health directed to creation of absolute balance of the processes proceeding in an organism, to harmonious interaction of a physical body, mind and energy.

Since the most ancient times of a hatkh - the yoga is applied to simplification of a condition of the ill people and to disposal of various diseases, defects and violations in work of an organism. Certainly, this way demands from the person much more efforts and time, than the traditional medicine, but receiving steady positive result is worth it. The improvement method by means of a hatkh - yogas is effective because it is based on the principles of harmony and unification. In - the first, there is a cardinal clarification of a body from unnecessary products of a metabolism. In - the second, positive and negative poles of energy are counterbalanced. In - the third, at absolute improvement of some one part of a body or system there is an improvement of all organism in general.

First of all a hatkha - the yoga cares for purity of a body, promoting the balanced metabolism in an organism and to timely removal of products of an exchange. By means of yoga the body can reach such degree of purity that will cease to be exposed to diseases and aging. The yoga strengthens a body and spirit, prevents a set of diseases and helps to get rid of already acquired, increases concentration of attention and improves mental capacities. Unless not many of us dream of it?

One more important aspect of maintenance of health is conservation of energy in a physical body. Bodies and systems of an organism live not only at the expense of food and vitamins. Balance between positive and negative streams of energy promotes good health. But as soon as this balance is broken, these streams are suppressed, are incorrectly distributed or blocked - there comes power disharmony which leads to inevitable developing of diseases. Therefore balance and in a power system of the person is so important for qualitative life.

For full work of a human body interaction of all bodies and systems has to be balanced and coordinated. Everything is interconnected and if function of any one body or system is broken - there is a failure in work of all organism. Therefore it is enough to restore normal work of one this element - and normal activity of all others will naturally be restored. By such principle improvement of a hatkh - yoga is based.

Hatkh - the yogi it is very effective at treatment of many diseases of the chronic and organic nature which hardly give in to modern medicine: asthma, diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism, epilepsy... The yoga is capable to help all - the children, old men, people suffering from serious physical and mental problems, and that who has insignificant deviations in health. For achievement of success in fight against illnesses it is very important to accept a new view on a human body and to expand the knowledge of area of its functioning. To all this you will be taught by a hatkha - yoga.

Occupations of a hatkh - yoga include:

- asanas - poses which will help you to improve and keep the body strong, beautiful and healthy;

- pranayama - breathing exercises which will teach you to regulate breath and to control the emotions; to

- concentration of attention - it will help you to calm down and send energy of thoughts to the constructive course;

- meditation - relaxation which will give the chance to hear and learn the inner self.

Regularly carrying out these exercises, you by all means will reach harmony of a body and soul. To start occupations has no values neither age, nor level of physical training - your desire to change is important.

Despite outstanding achievements, the modern medicine cannot relieve the person of all diseases. Everyone has to be the creator of the health, the present and future wellbeing. - the yogi the real updating will give Hatkh to you, will present new forces, will help to understand itself and to repeatedly improve quality of the life.