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How to find Itself?

Are such statement: The Main thing to believe in itself, and then everything will turn out . And if the person is glad to believe in itself, but cannot? Does not believe in himself, does not dare to have desires. Lives to himself in hope for the Miracle, for a happy occurence.

Something has to occur, he believes, and everything will change for the better, the new happy strip in life will begin

It is only necessary to trust, and everything will be good and as it is good - specifically I cannot tell. It something safe, without stresses. I in general, maybe, will make a round-the-world trip! - the person exclaims, and then bitterly sighs: Who? - I?! I? I .

And who this I who in the future conquers the peaks inaccessible in the present?

This I perfectly looks, plays sports, leads a healthy lifestyle.

Ah, as it is convenient that this I developed the rough activity in the future, not now!

And what if he decided exercises Now in the mornings to do, or still what tried to do something worse to change the present moment, and that more terribly and more precisely - would try to involve also me in this process at thought of which I want to yawn, sleep, cry?!

Same there would be not life if this ideal I began to live in me now! Penal servitude!!!

I am able to afford to be lazy, and this ideal I let in the future strains and derives from it pleasure. Let rejoices at least that I dream about it is mute, I represent it! Sometime I will allow it to be me, but only not now .

And here so the person dreams of the future, presenting himself to another, successful, vigorous, but at the same time does nothing in the present, does not take any actions, does not take steps to the Dream.

You recognize yourself? Read further.

Actually, it not your ideal I.

If laziness in the present to do you that as it seems to you, you with big hunting will do in the future, then it not you. You will never become that person.

To look for itself ideal, itself real it is necessary in the Present, in your gray sad life. This real I am immured in a punishment cell of your uncertainty in myself. And how to believe you in itself if you Slowly Destroy Sami Sebya?

In your Inner World there is a gloomy, terrible place. It is the driven-in shed or the mouldy lock in stone cellars of which I suffer your true, chained by rusty chains, without water, without Light, without Pleasure.

And you actually not real, you - false therefore you also do not believe in yourself because you know that you betrayed Yourself Real once and tried to bury Yourself in oblivion.

You are Lzhey, and so far you do not release the Present, True I, do not ask for it forgiveness, you do not learn his Dream, do not want to wash away Guilt before tormented present I, you and will absorb Time as the vacuum cleaner which hopes to become sometime in the future wind, free and strong.

Transformation is not possible without understanding of True.

Lzhey will not bring you Joy.

To you therefore it is so sad and confused because you betrayed the children`s laughter, you refused yourself real.

When it occurred? - At the first difficulties in youth when you decided that to be successful, it is necessary to be another, or perhaps you fought for the dreams of years to 30, and then told yourself: Nonsense all this! I do not test pleasure. To whom is all this necessary? It is impracticable .

By the way if you very long, iznuryayushche fought for the Dreams, but they were not carried out then that you lost the dreams in the course of the movement to them.

You acted by inertia, but these your efforts were a burden on you because you ceased to notice Beauty of the Present Moment, you suffered only from internal anguish from the fact that life goes not as you dreamed. You did not even notice that you ceased to listen to Sebha.

You did not notice in a pursuit of the Dream that you dropped on the road of - the Child.

You acted much, and to you had no time for quiet minutes of a privacy, you had no time to listen to Children`s Laughter in Sebha.

And then you, exhausted, told: Yes to spit on these dreams! It will never be because it is illusions.

And to you it was for the first time good. You dumped from yourself freight of unfulfilled hopes.

And somewhere in dark, dark of your Inner World the scared barefoot Child about whom forgot

So, your first task in finding of wanders, rescue true I is.

Stop for a moment, listen to yourself.

You had it that in vanity of life you repeated as if a spell one phrase, for example:

- I want to cry, I want to cry .

Or I was tired, I was tired

And you calmed yourself: Everything is good, everything is normal. I will cope, all about - Kay .

And now realize.

You heard the real Ya. Eto`s voice it was tired, it to it, the present I wants to cry.

Well, came it is time to release tormented with bondage I on freedom. And for a start it is necessary to find it, to get acquainted with it.

For this purpose it will be required to allocate Time.

It is not enough to read these lines, to agree with them: Yes, perhaps, it is necessary to be engaged in it sometime. Why and not to experiment? Only not now, I will better be engaged in something in another

Time necessary for search of, this Time Tishin. You have to listen to Sebha.

Tell: Somewhere in me there are I real. It needs the help. It I know a way fortunately. It can work Wonders. My life wonderfully will change if I give it the chance to operate my life. I have to give chance to true, real Ya .

- I, you hear me? Where you, I? What you dream of? What your desires? I came to release you. Forgive me, I. So is not enough for me in this life of of the Present.

Yes, the fetters which deprived true I of freedom and votes, but despite it are heavy, I will have an effect, it will respond. To hear it, Time Tishin is necessary.

Perhaps, you will have a desire to draw, or you will want to spend the Time for something unusual for you in the present, some impulse to arrive not according to the habitual Scenario - to walk barefoot on snow, to write the poem, to go to bed on a floor, to buy a guitar and to try to learn at least three chords.

I consider that it is necessary to break habitual stereotypes, to consciously make something illogical, even irrational. Yours I has to like to you trust. You need to make friends, and after so many years of your daily indifference, daily treachery, your True I has to believe you.

It will not be concealed from you and will joyfully tell, will entrust the dreams, only at first prove the Sincerity.

And you will find Yourself again, will become by itself - the Person capable to create the Life. Unless it not a Miracle?