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The review of the movie the Escort (Convoy, 1978)

Ya very much I respect our famous film expert Sergey Kudryavtsev, but always fought and I will fight in process of the forces against the belief occurring in some, including very educated, circles that the name of the foreign movie can be translated proceeding from a context. Therefore, forgive me, but time Sam Pekinp`s picture is called Escort and it is necessary to translate quite so, but not Motorcade Steam of cars or still as will take in head. And that and Terminator it is possible to christen The Cyborg - the murderer from the future (that, by the way, was also done by especially alternatively gifted owners of video salons) However, we will not be about sad. Let`s talk better about a movie plot.

Martin Penuold by nickname Rubber duckling Pigsty (it Love Car ) and Spider Mike - representatives of a difficult, but romantic profession. They are long-distance truck drivers. You will not call them friends, but also the intellectual concept colleagues or colleagues here too out of place. They are united by common cause and the road, and the road, as we know, the place dangerous and not to everyone on teeth. Especially when someone specially machinates to you and tries to substitute as it is done immoderately by the sheriff, greedy to money, Lyle Wallace.

Wallace does not hide the sneering attitude to to shoferyuga but at the same time perfectly knows how to talk to them, knows them call signs and the amateur frequency at which all drivers communicate. These data he, by itself, uses not for the benefit of taxpayers, and for periodic replenishment of own pocket. Having pretended to be the old friend Rubber duckling the sheriff deception traps all three and forces to fork up on full.

The similar relation, naturally, was not pleasant to drivers. Therefore, having again faced the dishonest representative of the law in the nearest roadside snackbar, and so far Duckling had a good time in a cabin of the truck with the familiar waitress, Pigsty and Spider Mike decided to play a trick on the sheriff a little. However at the peace officer with humour it appeared not all that well. Little by little and scandal quite naturally moved to a fight level. To argue with the police officer - it is not really good, to fight at his presence - unreasonably, and to beat patrolmen at execution by all improvised objects is already penal crime. Having realized this fact, all driver`s brotherhood hastily leaves a snack bar and goes to races towards staff border.

However our friends underestimated persistence of the old scoundrel Wallace who swore to catch up by all means with an escort and to send all involved seriously and for a long time. However, and the sheriff, at all the goat obstinacy, did not count that in couple of days of a trio of fugitives he will already lead a column from one hundred heavy trucks, and the governor of the state New - Meksiko will look for meetings with Rubber duckling hoping to use this conflict as a springboard for the promotion in the senate

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According to the obtained data, this tape appears on 77 - m the place on attendance among all foreign tapes leaving in the Soviet hire. Achievements not of ABBA what, but all-. I, by the way, too for the first time saw this movie at movie theater Soviet still. Also it is remembered, it was even pleasant to me. Alas, I did not manage to repeat this feeling years later.

I will not lie, I am familiar with Sam Pekinp`s creativity superficially. The director died in 1984, having left rather noticeable mark in cinema. I meanwhile managed to see the pictures Straw dogs with Dustin Hoffman, his last film Wick - and with Osterman and, actually, Escort . Has to tell that if to draw conclusions on the basis of these three pictures, then it is possible to tell safely that by the end of the bright life the master of westerns and fighters handed over a little.

Me, the person 21 - go centuries, exhausted with bread and shows, it is difficult to judge what impression this movie at the time of the exit to the screen could make, but I think, it did not become an event. From the point of view of an action - the picture turned out rather sluggish. You will surprise nobody with one trucks races and this flashing of metal, a scratch of tires and columns of dust in itself quickly tire. There is not enough drive and intensity, as in later pictures about Mad Max or Indiana Jones . Frankly there were not enough adventures. If no more - less live the final, the general essence of the movie could be reduced to the phrase we went, went, went and arrived . As for allegedly political, accusing component which allegedly looms on the horizon with emergence in a shot of the false governor, here this subject course obviously was superfluous and somehow did not fit into the general plot.

Leading roles in a picture were played by rather famous actors - Chris Kristofferson, to our generation better known according to the trilogy Bleyd where he played a role of the mentor Bleyd, Whistler. In Escort at Kristofferson a leading role, to him not to occupy charisma so it quite fitted in. Also in a picture acted: Bert Young (Pauly from the well-known series of movies about Rocca ) Ernest Borgnayn, Elie McGraw and Seymour Cassell.

To me in hands, as usual it happens to the old movies which visited the Soviet hire the sound copy lasting 110 min. got. On absence in some places of an old kind dubbing it became clear that the picture underwent considerable acceptable changes. In total its duration was reduced somewhere by about 20 - 25 minutes, pochikav all is not enough - malsk incorrect scenes plus having cut out couple of absolutely harmless dialogues.

Summary: Quite watchable cinema from a roudmuva genre. Not a masterpiece and not the best movie of this director, but unambiguously more interesting, than some parts of the franchize Forcing .