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What prevents us to become the Rich???

Are my personal reasonings , I do not want to offend anybody, we write all responses in comments.

I consider, having put a hand on heart that of 90% of problems and failures occur from LAZINESS . This is our enemy No. 1.

Why I so think?

Let`s glance in a root . What is necessary that to become Rich ? First of all it is necessary to make:

1. Deep psychological introspection.

2. To set the objects, based on dreams.

3. To leave a habitual zone of comfort and to begin to work.

4. To make the balance leaf to see in what your financial shortcomings and misses.

5. To begin to Read the correct literature since most of people stopped the education after leaving school or HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION.

6. etc. tell

A to me now - what of these points to execute not laziness ? And present - their needs to execute EVERYTHING!!! and without fail, and here even half it is not listed!!!

And here on this moment of 90% of people begin to appear thoughts in style: Uuuuuuuuuu and in principle I not so want be rich well can a little, I will make that I will be able from listed and let to me be otsypit money in proportion to executed or that well him are an author of article, something he wants from me much, it is possible somehow probably more simply

Is NOT PRESENT I will tell you - will not be simpler and just like that nobody will give money.

surely need self-discipline, introspection, self-development and no matter in what you decided to be engaged ( mlm, the additional income or business in the Internet ).

And now let`s think of expediency of your laziness.

Laziness to do you everything that I listed above, but not laziness:

1. To rise every morning for work.

2. To Vlazit in debts.

3. To hardly drag the credits, including each kopek.

4. To cave in under the chief, asking increases z / or awards.

5. To go on foot to work or to go by the killed tarantass.

6. To have a rest once a year and that if saved up money.

7. To realize that you can give nothing to the children except the love.

8. etc.

can be Listed still very long. And the majority of these points - of a consequence of laziness . So it is time to admit, at least to himself - Yes, I am lazy!!! and not I want to change the life .

Also it is not necessary to think out excuses in style: I have no time that to read I am insufficiently strong for self-development and introspection , People around will not understand me, having taken away the book in hands - it is only pathetic attempts to wave away from reality, to wave away from themselves!!!

Also it is not necessary to stop reading!! ! it wrote

Ya not to drive you into a depression. I want that you took yourself by the scruff of the neck, stirred up and told Look as you live!!! Whether everything is time to change??!!

After you will make it, at once there will be a question - And what to do is farther? With what to begin? And I will tell you - Begin to read at least!!! and it is worth beginning, I so think, from books in style of Napoleon Hill Think and Grow rich Robert Kiyosaki`s Rich Fathers, poor Father Jeffrey D. Smith Concentrate on dream etc. It is not difficult to find these books, there is a lot of them in shops or on the Internet.

Parallel to reading you carry out introspection , it is frequent in similar literature there are instructions as to do it.

For a start will be enough and what to do farther or as to carry out introspection as it is necessary to read books that there was the maximum advantage how to build a balance leaf I will describe in the following publications, of course if it is interesting to my readers.

Item of page: also it is not necessary to throw into me stones, at once I speak: - I am not the cleverest and I do not teach you to live!!! Just I want to share experience and I will be very glad if it helps someone.

page pct: Make the life BRIGHTER .