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How all to be in time? Useful tips.

Hi all!

Today I want to talk about a problem of a lack of time. Such problem often arises at business people, at athletes.

At a certain stage of my development the Internet - business such problem arose also at me. Besides the Internet - business, I need to manage to study in University and to play sports. Yes sometimes and just there is a wish to have a rest.

I will tell you that is applied by me that all to be in time.

So, I apply the following principles:

1) Doing any serious work, limit yourself in time.

This rule really works. With its help I understood that I can manage to make more for small amount of time.

2) To do the most unpleasant and difficult things first of all.

It is a strong thing as having made what causes feeling of discomfort, you become stronger as you overcome the zone of comfort, and also it will be much simpler to you to do other things during the day.

3) To use a waiting time.

Time in the subway and the bus, in a stopper it is always possible to spend with advantage.

4) To use activity switching as rest

Often I apply this rule. Happens so that, reading something, you cease to understand what you read. Concentration is lost. When I realize it, I pass to physical activity: I will make 25 - 30 squats, I will pull muscles. After exercises concentration is restored.

5) To plan every day

This point for me plays a special role. Before occupation the Internet - business, I was not engaged in planning of the time. Now I try to develop a useful habit: Every evening I plan the next day.

6) To disconnect everything that will distract.

Concentrate in practice, switch off music, the TV, contact and schoolmates. You will see how productive will become your work.

I use these 6 points in practice and these principles fine help me, and I am in time really everything))

P. S. Friends, I want to learn whether you have the recipe of effective use of time. Share please in comments. Kommenatriya can leave on the website of the original of article.