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How to develop ability to concentrate attention?

As are frequent, beginning business, important, serious, serious, necessary for us, we cannot just concentrate. We bite a pencil, we spin on a chair, we look in a protolok and t. e Noise behind windows, talk of colleagues, even silent hum of the fan irritates!

The American scientists found out direct link between concentration degree on some subject and quantity involuntary (uncontrollable it is conscious) muscular contractions. In other words, the more the person spins on the parties, the less he is capable to concentrate on something.

Well and what to do?

We will master several simple exercises on conscious control of muscular movements.

Exercise 1. Quiet sitting. Not the lung put it. It is, first of all, test of your ability to concentrate, detain the involuntary muscular movements; after small practice you will be capable to sit quietly, without moving muscles, fifteen and more minutes.

The best way for this purpose is as follows: sit down in a convenient chair, reach a comfortable position, weaken all muscles and try to keep the complete calm throughout five minutes. If you managed it, gradually prolong time about fifteen minutes; there will be quite enough this time.

Exercise 2. Sit down directly (having become straight) in the chair, raise the head, expose a chin forward and remove shoulders back. Extend the right hand in the horizontal direction to the right flush with a shoulder. Turn the head, direct a stare to the hand; you keep it in the straightened situation within one minute. Do the same with the left hand. When you are capable to carry out this exercise in perfection, increase time about two minutes, then to three and so on until you are capable to keep similar situation within five minutes. The hand palm at the same time has to be turned from top to bottom as it is the easiest situation. Directing a view of finger-tips, you will be always able to define whether your hand keeps quite quiet situation.

Exercise 3. Fill a shot glass with water to the brim and take it fingers; extend the right hand directly before yourself. Direct eyes on a shot glass and try to hold so quietly a hand that it was impossible to notice water fluctuations. Begin this exercise since a minute and gradually increase it about five minutes; there will be a border; practise alternately right and left hand.

Exercise 4. Smile. The smile even tense removes stress from the most part of face muscles. And if you think of something pleasant at this time, also muscles of a neck and a humeral belt relax. Try to get balanced manners and gait. Develop the pleasant address and self-control instead of nervousness and extremely anxious look.

Accustom yourself quietly and to treat coolly sounds which until now forced you to shudder, for example a door clap, fall of the book or some other thing, etc. The following exercises will give you essential help in it.

Exercise 5. Sit down directly before a table, put on it hands and clench fists, having turned them at the same time palms up so that the thumb was on others.

Turn the eye towards a fist; after that gradually remove a thumb, focusing all the attention on this action, as if it is of great importance for you. Then slowly extend (unbend) the forefinger, after it the second and so on up to the last.

Then do on the contrary: at first bend a little finger and continue a bending of fingers further while the fist does not take the former form; at the same time the thumb will lie on fingers. Continue the same with the left hand. Repeat this exercise five times during one session, subsequently you can make it on ten times.

Is exercise will cause in you exhaustion, but you should repeat persistently it as it is very important for you owing to development of your attention and the direction it on simple and monotonous actions; besides it will give you direct control over all muscular movements.

You will feel soon that beneficial impact which will be exerted on you by these simple and, at first sight, not really important exercises. You should not release for a second from attention bending and extension of fingers. All essence consists in it. If you neglect it, then thereby will finally lose all advantage of the made exercise.

Attention! Your consciousness will be revolted and will rise against similar violence; it will try in the various ways to get rid of such slavery. Here the endurance is necessary; you have to insist that your each exercise was executed from beginning to end and did not distract more interesting impressions or occupations.

Having finished each exercise, praise yourself. Having executed all complex, indulge yourself with something pleasant, for example a chocolate.

And after a while you will feel that it is much easier to concentrate on something now!