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How it is correct to paint hair?

of the Woman like to make changes to the shape: be - that new things, a make-up or a new hair color. It is possible to change considerably color or it gives a charge of energy and freedom of creativity to change only a shade, anyway.


Painting hair for the first time, select color close to natural. In that case, when hair will begin to grow, roots will strongly not be evident.

If you dye hair for the first time it is possible to use the washing-away means. You will be able easily to correct a situation in case of unsuccessfully picked up color.

If when coloring hair you do not use services of the expert, ask someone from family members to help you. You cannot see, the nape and some other zones is how well processed. The mirror in this case, of course, can help, but it is not really convenient and does not exclude that you can do everything - to pass some site.

Follow the instruction. Pass nothing. Test paint on several hairs to be convinced that you chose the necessary color.

After hair-dyeing brush hair down and leave collected in a bunch. It will allow to achieve more equal color. The hair leaves to Zachesyvaniye an opportunity for non-uniform coloring up.

Divide indumentum into several zones, paint hair in the direction from roots by the ends. At the same time begin procedure with temporal areas.

Apply the moisturizing cream through growth of hair. If the painted hair also gets on skin, it will be easier to wash away paint.

If you want to achieve stylish light tone, address the expert. In - the first, coloring of hair from dark color in lighter - a difficult problem. In - the second, it is necessary to make coloring once and well as all subsequent attempts to correct failure, will not yield excellent result.

You carry out coloring on dirty hair . It is the best of all if after washing of hair passes day 2 as just washed up head skin to become more sensitive, and hair lose a fatty protective cover.

If all of you made correctly, then your new image will bring you many positive emotions.