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Autonomous house. Part 1. Water supply of

Water supply of the autonomous house

the Autonomous house is my dream, to tell the truth :) What can be better, than live out of town, outdoors, and to be independent of the central water supply, heating, electricity? To leave from - under influences of system, so to speak :)

Of course transformation of the usual private house in autonomous can raise many questions. How it is possible to create completely autonomous and eco-friendly dwelling? In this article we will sort how to arrange autonomous water supply in a country cottage.

exists a set of offers from civil engineering firms on installation of autonomous water supply of the house " Now; on a turn-key basis . Probably, it is very demanded service. The principle of water supply which is not depending on the central water supply:

* use of underground

waters * drilling of a well

* the analysis of structure and quality of underground

waters * the choice of the corresponding filters for water (primary filter of rough cleaning and secondary filters - up to clarification to a condition of drinking water)

* installation of the hydroaccumulator, the pump

* carrying out from a well to the house of the

pipeline * arrangement of internal water supply - divorce of pipes to sanitary devices, connection to water heaters,

filters * the device of the sewerage

Why a well, but not a well?

* a surface water is stronger polluted (additional systems of cleaning will be required) by

* there will be not enough water from a well for water supply of a country cottage

at the same time, the water is deeper, the its is more and it is purer. It is possible even to drill an artesian well - if carries, deep-well water will be at a depth already of 30 m. If does not carry - more than 100 m :) But then there are less costs of a filtration, and there will be enough water for the rest of life

Water analysis can be ordered from third-party firms is a commonplace. Purify water of harmful impurity - rough particles like sand, impurity of metals and other harmful chemicals (nitrites and nitrates for example) and even from harmful bacteria

Water heaters can be gas or electric. I consider that as completely autonomous it is possible to consider the house which does not depend on third-party gas production. Therefore in our autonomous cottage we will use electric water heaters. How to arrange autonomous electrification of the house, using renewables, we will consider in the following article.

All above-mentioned points can be ordered from third-party firms, and it is possible, having bought the necessary equipment, to make. Problem only with drilling of a well :) Well and with the analysis of the extracted water. And all the rest - the complex challenge demanding exact calculations.

our Sewerage of course will be not in the form of a cesspool, more precisely than a dirty pond. We want to organize not just autonomous, but also eco-friendly housing. Therefore the additional system of local purification of the used water will be required. It can also be ordered from experts. Details how to fight with " waste products; our autonomous cottage, I will try to cover in the following article.

the Extracted water can also be used for heating of the dwelling. Then installation of radiators and heaters of water will be required is more powerful. But there are also other options of heating of the autonomous house - they will be considered later.