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Astrology superstition or science of

The occult phenomena cannot be revealed by means of the most perfect terrestrial intellectual concepts if not to hear the voice similar to a flame going from a heart purgatory which pale shine helps to get into the future .

Michel Nostradamus.

Often it is necessary to hear that Only charlatans are engaged in astrology! . It is possible. If for themselves people educated, intelligent and responsible consider shameful to be engaged in any business, then charlatans are engaged in it. And then, what branch of science or arts is free from them? But whether presence in itself of charlatans in it determines the value of this or that branch. Besides it is necessary to distinguish astrologers and astrology. Charlatans are in any branch, and among all professions. Still it is necessary to hear that, Scientists are negative to astrology . Though everything depends on the one whom you call the scientist. If somebody is an expert in chemistry, he cannot professionally know history. In fact nobody at current specialization of it demands from it. If the historian interferes with questions of professional botany, it is very probable that he will be ridiculous. That is, the expert in the field of any science scolding astrology without knowing it, arrives incorrectly. The proverb saying that there are no enemies of art - there are ignoramuses it is valid and here.

If the astrological science had no useful application in affairs of everyday life if she did not throw a lifebuoy to people in situations, adverse for them, if she did not give hope, did not improve our thinking, - with it people would not be connected with a world name and undying glory. Herodotus and Pythagoras, Socrates and Platon, Hippocrates and Aristotle - representatives of the ancient world, the father Sylvester, the father Ioann XXII, Albert Veliky and Thomas Aquinas, Copernicus and Kepler, Giordano Bruno, Quietly to Braga and Galilei, the representing Middle Ages, Francis Bacon, Spinoza, Leibniz and Schlegel, Novalis and Fekhner, Goethe, Walter Scott and Stendhal - all of them were the expert astrologers applying these rules and regularities in the life and work.

We will call a number of scientists - astrologers, the amazingly exact forecasts proved that game is worth the candle. Among them Claudius Ptolemaeus and Cornelius Agrippa, Erasmus Roterodamus and Michel Nostradamus, Morinus and Johann Kepler, Paul Flambarg, his pupil and my teacher Ernst Kraft. In this row Raphael and Sefarial, Alan Leo, Selva and Abel Nataan, Walter Koch, Louis de Vol and many others. If these people of the past are considered as charlatans, then I (studying it 1992) with pride I rank myself as these to charlatans .

To become the good astrologer, it is necessary to study patiently within 4-5 years, then to carefully check the knowledge, kosmobiologichesky rules and regularities both on an own horoscope, and on horoscopes of the relatives and friends. And only after that to draw conclusions about that - whether astrology works or not. And having read a horoscope or the forecast in the newspaper (moreover, as a rule even not signed) some half-educated persons of the charlatan to draw superficial conclusions about what astrology not science - is just impolite.

The founder of modern astronomy Isaac Newton, having opened the law of universal gravitation of 17 years did not publish it, doubting its absolute correctness. He adhered to the corpuscular theory of Pythagoreans and was also inclined to assume that eventually, the science admits the fact that Forces and Celestial Bodies are set in motion and are directed Reasons. But the innermost thoughts and Newton`s ideas were perverted, and from his big mathematical knowledge only one physical peel gained recognition. If poor sir Isaak could expect what use will be made by his pupils and followers of it inclinations this pious and religious person, of course, quietly would eat the apple, and would never give a hint about any mechanical theories prompted by its falling. The corpuscular theory was set inconsiderately aside, but inclination, the principle owing to which all bodies are attracted one to another with a force directly proportional to their masses and back - proportional to distance squares between them lives up to now and continues to reign autocratically in estimated radio waves of space. Astronomers who see in inclination the easy solution of many things and the universal force allowing them to calculate the movements of planets very little are interested in the Attraction Reason. They call Inclination the law, the reason in themselves. Theosophists call forces operating under this name, consequences and even very minor. It will be sometime found that, eventually, this scientific hypothesis is unsatisfactory and then it will follow the corpuscular theory of light and also will be handed over in storage to be based upon an extent of centuries in archives of all set aside theories. At the beginning of the Principia Isaac Newton applied all efforts to explain to the pupils that he used the word attraction concerning interaction of bodies, not in physical sense. Because for it it was purely mathematical concept which is not causing reasons about true and primary physical reasons. In one place of the work Principia he clearly says that the attractions considered physically are rather impulses. In department XI (Introduction) it expresses opinion that there is the thinnest spirit, force and by which action all movements of " matter are defined;; and in the Third Letter to Bentley he speaks:

It is impossible to present that inanimate, rough matter could without mediation something another that is non-material, to affect other matter and to exert impact on it without mutual contact as it would have to be if inclination, in the sense given it by Epicurus would be essential and born property of matter... thought that inclination has to be congenital, inherent and peculiar to matter so that one body can affect another at distance without means something another able to transmit their movement through emptiness from one to another, this thought is for me such absurd that I am convinced that any person having competent ability of thinking in philosophical questions cannot fall into similar delusion. Inclination has to be caused by the intermediary, permanent, according to the famous laws; but as for a question whether this intermediary will be material or not, I provide to solve it to my readers.

A question about inclination it can be set aside now and other hypotheses are considered. It is clear, that the physical science knows nothing about Forces . Though very few people will reject magnificent plainness of this hypothesis nevertheless, it is necessary to recognize insuperable difficulties which accompany it. For example, - why companions of the Neptune and Uranium show the return movement? Why Venus, despite its big nearness to the Sun, is less dense, than Earth? Why more remote Uranium is more dense than Saturn? Why there is so much variety in an inclination of axes and orbits among estimated posterity of the central body? Why such striking distinctions in sizes of planets are noticed? Why satellites of Jupiter are 288 times more dense, than their main body? Why phenomena of meteors and comets remain still inexplicable? We quote one Teacher:

the centrifugal theory which received the birth in the West cannot explain everything. If not to come to the rescue, she will not be able to explain either the reason of each flattened spheroid, or such difficulties as the phenomenon of relative density of some planets. Truly, as can explain any calculation of centrifugal force to us, for example, why Mercury which rotation as speak to us, equals about one third of rotation of Earth whereas density it is one quarter more, Earth density will have flattening at poles ten times bigger, than Earth? Then, why Jupiter which equatorial rotation, speak, in twenty seven times is rather an Earth, density makes about one fifth density of the last will have polar flattening of Earth seventeen times more considerable than flattening? Or, why Saturn, at the equatorial speed by fifty five times bigger, than Mercury for counteraction to centripetal force, will have flattening three times more considerable, than Mercury? To top the above-stated contradictions, we are asked to believe in the Central Forces as it is learned by Modern Science, even then, when say to us that the equatorial matter of the Sun, with a speed, more, than four times the terrestrial equatorial surface exceeding centrifugal speed and only approximately at one quarter of gravity of the equatorial matter, did not find any bent to protrusion in the solar equator, also did not show the slightest flattening at poles of a solar axis. Otherwise speaking more clearly, the Sun, having density, the equaling only one quarter of density of Earth for influence of centrifugal force, has no flattening at poles at all!... great scientists of the West, almost without knowing anything... neither about cometary matter, nor about centrifugal and centripetal force, about the nature of a fog or about a physical structure of the Sun, Stars or even the Moon, are very careless, speaking as with confidence as it is done by them, about to the central mass of the Sun the planet which is throwing out in space, a comet and what is only not present... We claim that it (Sun) develops only the vital principle. To a shower of these bodies, giving and receiving it back in our small Solar System, just as World Life - the Giver ... in Boundlessness and Eternity; that the solar System is Uniform Makrokosm`s Microcosm, just as the person is that in comparison with his own small Solar Space .

When Galya rejected scientific character of astrology, it was well answered by Isaac Newton. He asked it: You studied sometime astrology ? Naturally, is not present - it is proud told Galya. In that case, with you I will not speak about it as I studied it many years .

It is also necessary to distinguish science and scientists. The science is truthful the scientist can be mistaken. Those scientists who smash astrology, without knowing it besides - act this way, proceeding from obvious dogmatism. The scientist having become the dogmatic person, - the worst enemy of scientific progress. Some share of conservatism is always useful: it is demanded by care, but the fanatical perception or denial something is the most dangerous prejudice. By the way, in the history of science there are a lot of events which are not painting scientific dogmatism. Once official scientists are members of the Parisian academy, categorically denied a space origin of meteors and meteorites, the English scientists excluded a possibility of creation of the lightning rod and mathematically precisely proved that the engine will not be able to move on rails; having heard the first phonograph, they called it the most stupid chrevoveshchaniye. When satellites of Jupiter were open, they did not wish to look in the telescope that their belief that Jupiter cannot have satellites, was not undermined. And just as today we laugh at such scientists, will laugh tomorrow at those who deny that the person who was born at midnight in the winter, absolutely other than the one who was born at midday in the summer and will begin to be surprised to that a tverdolobost with which they reject such obvious truth.

Many of you heard: Stars operate fools, wise operates stars . It is also astrology. Only idlers, fools and spiritual slaves rely on destiny. For the person seeking for not simple burning of the life, and for search of truth to knowledge of, worthy and effective overcoming of all vital obstacles, astrology will be the great assistant. And astrology proves existence of free will, and each person can feel it.