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Spam and once again spam. How to find virus medicine? Part 2

How to restore access to social networks after breaking of the account, we found out...

And what to do from the blocked Windows?

Blocking of OS is top ingenuities, as if you still poorly - poorly do without sotssayt, then native and such demanded computer still just does not work! Right after inclusion on all screen there is a banner (in language of developers of antiviruses it is Winlocker) with the requirement to legalize OS by sending the same distressful SMS for short number.

Do not hope, it is not treated. Wash for that time the advanced sixth Kaspersky safely issued the summary on downloaded archive: viruses are not revealed . But in 3 hours after I opened archive, my computer was blocked by the virus banner program. The desire to possess the scanner of the telephone directory of became my dream. Moscow.

A treatment result is as follows: only reinstallation helped. But I have license OS and I can to be played with an adjusting disk with all the heart. Such opportunity is absent, on statistical data, at 85% of users. Such piracy scales at us. So if you have no adjusting disk of system delivered together with system which you buy in shop it is the illegal copy of OS, and sooner or later you will have problems. But you undertook these risks? So do not judge too severely.

How in this case not to lose the files on the computer at reinstallation of system?

Ya found the following way out of this situation: it is necessary to carry out installation of system in two steps . And here is remembered : for the first time the system is installed without formatting of the hard drive! After OS is established, pass to the hard drive, look at properties of a disk: most likely, data remained as the disk will be filled.

For reference: how to understand whether files were saved? the Volume of the hard drive you know

(these are 60 GB, 80, 120, etc.) . Take away about 5 - 6 GB which are occupied by OS. About 5 - 20 more GB will occupy drivers and programs. And the rest will also be the volume of your hard drive which can be filled up with that dump that each of us has.
we Will consider

that you were lucky, and files were saved as simple arithmetics showed that the disk is filled. You open a disk C (or D) who has laptops - it is, as a rule, only one disk, who has sistemnik - most often disks two: small volume (usually about 10 GB) for OS (a disk C) and large volume for " storages; (disk D). You find out where you wrote down files, you open the necessary disk, you find the name (a computer user name: for example, the I called Olga) and copy all documents on USB sticks or removable hard drives .

Attention! After copying a removable disk needs to be taken from the computer, otherwise data can be lost! If it is several users, serially we copy files of all users. Voila! We rescued data.

Now second part of installation. you start the OS installation Again and now you format a disk. I recommend full, but not fast formatting as it helps to avoid mistakes and to remove any hint on viruses. After installation and emergence of a greeting of OS you can check the hard drive: now it will be empty. Now you can establish firewood and programs.

P. S.: Later I found service of deactivation of extortioners - blokker on the websites of antiviruses Kaspersky and Doctor Veb : kaspersky. ru/viruses/deblocker

and drweb. com/unlocker/index/. But, not polzovavshis them, as panacea I cannot recommend as I cannot tell whether local services help users. In principle, cooperation with you it, however, as well as to you with them, is favorable: they liquidate gaps of the products, and you get access to the files / websites. Here everything is obvious. Only service cost at Kaspersky is not obvious (Doctor Veb positions it as free). It seems, everything is free.

But we will return to the unblocked computer and again found files.

Carefully! At transfer of the rescued files on the hard drive danger to infect system again is! First of all check all files remove with an active antivirus and that file that caught you. Remove without opening! Manually you transfer all files - it is a way once again to check distribution of a virus, at the same time you will carry out inventory and be exempted from superfluous.

Success in development of a subsoil of your friend and the assistant by the name of the Computer!