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Than help the Internet - diaries to teenagers?

showed Studying of influence of blogs on younger generation: opinion that the Internet - communities and network diaries do the child closed and aloof quite misleading. According to the latest data, blogs, on the contrary, help teenagers to learn to build up correctly the interpersonal relationship, to expand a circle of contacts, to get rid of complexes and psychological problems.

In research of University of the State of Ohio within a month the contents of blogs of 100 teenagers which those have on the website xanga were analyzed. com. Sociologists under the direction of the graduated in a military academy - professors Don Anderson - Butcher were interested in mention frequency in diary entries of positive and negative emotions and, of course, the related events.

Among the kinds of activity bringing joy computer games (65% of teenagers), viewing of the TV (45%), performance of homework (40%) were most often mentioned. Hobbies and circles were an outlet for 38% of children, and sitting on the Internet and visits of church - for 29 and 22% respectively.

As for the main complaints, the leading place is taken by boredom - it was mentioned by 65% of teenagers. The sadness visited 30% of young bloggers, about the irritation in different occasions wrote 28%, about feeling uselessness - 22%. On unwillingness to do homeworks 16%, and complained of concern for bad notes - 11%.

At last, rather seldom wrote that it happened to shirk school (8%), records about a drug taking, alcohol or smoking appeared at 6% of teenagers.

According to Don Anderson - Butcher, even the most widespread complaint to boredom not such a bad thing if it inspired teenagers on writing of posts instead of spending time in any risky way.

As a rule, teenagers make all rash acts and asocial actions in an interval from 15 to 18 o`clock when they already returned from school, and parents still at work, - the research conductress tells. - Provided to themselves, teenagers are especially subject to dangerous types of pastime. However those who had blogs used this time for communicating to friends in the Network and to tell them about the day. Thus, social networks as a way of filling of free time of the teenager, certainly, are the positive decision .

Important and the fact that most of bloggers splashed out sincere experiences on the page what allowed them to feel in reality more surely. And though children seldom write directly about the problems, they express thoughts verses, quote lyrics and spread songs. All this not only removes mental stress, but also in some sense promotes the personal growth and development of the teenager.

In the life young bloggers preferred to report about the positive moments directly. Researchers found out that the desire to share pleasure with network friends gave the general positive spirit arising both at the child and at his online - environments. As a result sociologists from Ohio consider that blogging could be used also in the therapeutic purposes, helping concerned teenagers to self-express positive ways.