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How to fight against excess weight? 15 effective ways

Come spring, and once again we put a question point-blank: how to grow thin? Not without reason literature tons are devoted to numerous diets and cunning ways to bring itself into a good form. But we need ways which really work and that at the same time it was not necessary to exhaust itself with hunger! I collected the most interesting and effective. 15 turned out.

1. You eat often and gradually. ­­­ The organism ­­­ needs ­ food ­­ each 3-4 ­ hours, through such interval there is an easy feeling of hunger which is better for satisfying, without waiting until it outgrows in “ big, real feeling “. It is useful both for digestion, and for a metabolism, and for the healthy mode which is the cornerstone of competent weight loss. If ­­ to eat strictly according to ­­ the schedule, then ­­ the organism ­ will begin ­­ to demand food ­ only in ­­­­ certain ­ hours, and “ for happiness “ it will need much its smaller quantity.

2. Pay attention to what you eat. In particular, on structure and caloric content of everything that you accept in food. ­­­ Classical ­ example: ­­ every day you ­ drink tea with ­­­ candies. In ­ one ­­ candy - 15-20 kcal. In a year they ­­­­ turn into ­­ kilogram - ­ another ­­ of fatty ­­­ deposits. We are obliged by excess weight “ fast “ to carbohydrates (sweet) and excessively processed food with a large amount of fat and salt (fast food, sausages, sausages and so forth)

3. ­ Watch­ ­ that ­­­­ the power ­ value ­ of your ­­­ diet ­­­ did not fall ­ below ­­ a mark of 1800 kcal and ­­­ did not rise ­ higher than 2000 kcal. And   that and ­ another ­­ is fraught for ­­ a figure. ­ If you ­­­­­ adhere ­­ to a healthy ­­ diet in 1800 kcal, ­ during ­­­ a breakfast, ­ a lunch and ­ a dinner ­­ try to distribute ­­ approximately 400 kcal for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, and ­­­­ the power ­ value ­­­ of each of 3 ­­­­ additional ­­­ meals ­ has to ­­­ make ­ about 200 kcal.

4. Counting calories, do not forget to be engaged in fitness (jogs, the exercise bike, aerobics, swimming), ­ otherwise ­ together with ­ fat ­­ also ­­ muscle ­ bulk will leave­­­. ­ If ­­ there is not enough ­­ time for ­ fitness - club, be not lazy to be engaged at home according to video to lessons.

5. Avoid stresses! Also do not hope that you will be able to grow thin without prejudice to health “ because of nerves “. ­ Stresses ­­­ cause ­­­ release ­­ of hormone ­­­ of cortisol ­­ which ­­ results in ­­­­ the increased ­­­ appetite and­­, as a result, ­­ excess ­ weight. ­ And these “ stocks “ ­­­­ it is postponed ­­­­­­ mainly ­­­ in ­­ a stomach. ­­ Besides that it ­ spoils ­­ a figure, so also ­­­­ increases risk ­­­ of diabetes and ­ cancer. It is scientifically proved that physical activity increases resistance to stress and therefore take for the rule: was fidgety - forward on a racetrack! It really helps.

6. Be not fond ­­­ of proteinaceous ­­­ diets. Yes, ­ the people ­­ keeping to ­­­­­ a low-carbohydrate proteinaceous ­­ diet ­­­ promptly ­­ grow thin due to moisture loss. However you ­­­­ will lose flesh ­ only ­ the first 2-3 ­­ weeks, and   in   ­­­ quality ­­ of a bonus ­­­ you will get ­­­ headaches, irritability and ­ weakness.

7. Wear the fitting clothes. When in a mirror you constantly see “ rollers “ folds on waists, or every time hardly you button trousers, you will not want to overeat once again. If you hesitate to carry fitting in an office, then resort to ­ a trick ­­ which ­­­­­­­ Irina Ponarovskaya uses­­­­. It ­ carries ­­­ a gold ­­ chain on ­ a waist­­­­. So each excess piece will instantly have an effect.

8. Take for the rule to have a glass of clear water since morning and before each meal. Water since morning well influences digestion, and water before food dulls feeling of hunger and partially fills a stomach.

9. ­­­ Never ­­­ miss­ ­­ a breakfast. And it is possible to afford both fats, and sweet in the morning - the organism all the same needs it. And it is the most desirable to eat yogurt with bifidobacteria. There is ­­­ a statistics according to which ­ the people ­­­ eating 3 ­­ jars ­ of this ­­­­­­ fermented milk ­­­ product in   day, ­­­­ those who ­ just ­­ cut down the ­­ diet lose at 60% ­ of fat ­ more, than­­­­­.

10. ­­ Show­ ­ will power and ­­­ refuse ­­­ mayonnaise (in 100 g - ­ about 700 kcal). Fill salads ­ with sauces on ­­­ a yogurt ­­ basis or mix of olive oil, soy sauce and vinegar (rice, balzamik). Such gas stations are very tasty and do not exceed 150-200 kcal. You feel ­­ a difference?

11. What is is necessary in details and carefully chewing, it seems all know. But how to check itself? Is “ ­­ rule of 20 ­ minutes “. ­ If you ­­ managed ­­ to have dinner ­ less than in 20 ­ minutes, the brain ­­ did not manage ­­ to obtain ­­­ information that you already gorged on, and ­­­ continues ­­ to demand “ continuations of a banquet “. The feeling of satiety will arise in 20 minutes so wait and take your time “ to varnish “ the lunch dense dessert.

12. ­ Forget­ about ­­ the motto “ ­­ Everything or nothing “. Rigid diets will not bring to good. ­ If you in an okhotka ­ ate ­­­ piece of cake - ­ not terribly. ­­ Have supper­ ­­ a glass ­­ of kefir. And here ­ if cake was for dinner - ­ arrange­ ­­­ a fasting day or “ burn “ excess calories on classes in fitness.

13. ­ Take­ for ­­ the rule ­­ after food ­­ to brush ­ teeth. It especially helps when you only begin to set a diet and to watch calories: first there will always be a feeling that you did not gorge on. And detailed toothbrushing and the subsequent ­­ feeling ­­­ of purity and ­­ freshness ­ will beat off ­ any ­­ desire ­­­ to intercept still ­­ a piece.

14. ­­­ Surely ­­­ get enough sleep ­­ as ­­­­ the long dream ­­­­­ makes active ­­­ growth hormone­­, and it­, in turn, ­­ accelerates ­­­ a metabolism and helps ­­­ weight reduction. ­­­­ Remember­ ­­ the Chinese ­ wisdom more often­­­­­­: “ ­ Nothing so ­­­­ promotes ­ a slim ­­ figure as a dream on ­­ a hungry ­­ stomach “.

15. Be a realist: it will not be possible to grow thin to you at once and forever. It is possible to lose weight quickly, of course, but it is not necessary as with what speed you dumped it, about such he will seek to return at any opportunity. Besides it is senseless to try to change the constitution and to grow thin to the detriment of health. As it is sung in a song: “ The Girlfriend - the girlfriend, you believe me, a thin cow - yet not a gazelle “ …

Remember that any pills or “ miracle structures “ will not help you to get rid of excess weight without prejudice to health! ­ Besides ­­­­ practically all of them ­­­ render ­­ side ­­­ effects. If you are fond ­­ of such ­­­­ preparations in exchange to healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, then ­­­­ dehydration, ­­­­ heart troubles, ­­­­ violations ­­­­ of activity ­­­ of the central ­­ nervous ­­­ system and others unpleasant “ pobochka “ are provided to you! Therefore if decided to grow thin, grow thin systematically, and at the same time working on a figure that the organism was reconstructed slowly, and the body remained elastic and tightened.

Adhering to these recommendations, already in few months you will notice that you postroynet, got prettier and is ready to continue in the same spirit!