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The man in kitchen: what dishes need to be prepared to live till 100 years?

of Many people the question torments: what needs to be eaten not to reduce years of the life? To feel constantly vigorous and ready to feats including sexual? How to balance the food, without refusing anything, but at the same time without overeating? And whether, at last, it is worth trusting councils of nutritionists?

Let`s begin with the last question. Diets, as we know, there is a big set, and in this case as one my acquaintance fairly noticed, each sandpiper the agronomist. Someone advises to eat separately (not to take at the same time meat and vegetables), someone does not recognize animal food at all. The third suggest to lean on hot dishes which cause thirst, and water is very useful. The fourth are literally mad about fish, and recommend to eat not less than a half-pood of seafood a month.

And to what point of view the science adheres? Not so long ago one of the leading editions defined what kitchen promotes increase in life expectancy. On the first place there are Japanese where middle age makes about 82 years, inhabitants eat a lot of seafood, soy, and the main source of carbohydrates are not white French rolls, but noodles rich with minerals from buckwheat flour.

I took an interest at the friends who long time lived in Japan how to them a local cuisine? They burst out laughing: it is necessary to get used to this kitchen, and the longevity reason more likely in another. Our Russian pensioners receive scanty pension, are burdened by grandsons, without being unbent by seasonal dachas on which it is necessary to plow. They have an array of problems, conducting to stresses which tear heart and promote heart attacks.

Another matter Japanese: pension at them, in comparison with our old men, just transcendental. You will hardly see the representative of the land of the rising sun from a dawn and to a dawn bent with a chopper. But elderly Japanese can always be met in various corners of Europe - travel. Sometimes and houses - that do not happen, all in flights. Obviously, it is not quality of food, and in a way of life.

The second place is held by residents of Singapore where they to the same seafood generously give rice. And here meat is eaten here, figuratively speaking on big holidays.

Slightly worse against Japanese and their neighbors from Hugo - East Asia Chinese look. And all because they love fried that obviously does not promote longevity.

For me it is quite unexpected that experts counted as the best European cuisine the Swedish. I stoically bore it within a week, and then there was a strong wish for normal food. The Swedish bread, the more Swedish sausage I was not inspired at all, the only thing that there could be tasted, so is the same fish, only not the well-known Swedish herring soaked in maple syrup then it turns out on the fan and the baked salmon.

My assumptions of a way of life of Japanese are confirmed also by scientists. Studying capital of long-livers - Okinawa, they came to a conclusion that besides food the large role in increase in life expectancy is played by a way of life and character of okinavets. They are almost not subject to stresses and a depression, keep regular life, eat without overeating (how here not to remember popular council: it is necessary to rise from - for a table with easy feeling of hunger).

Let`s output four main points of healthy nutrition.

1. The food has to be habitual, that at you it is put at the genetic level. Any kitchen developed on climate and a way of life of these or those people. For example, residents of the countries with a frigid climate always prefer to cook food which contains many calories to be warmed. And here in the southern areas of Earth, for example, in Africa, the preference is given lung to products, for example, to various fruit and vegetables which fill a stomach, but do not contain many calories.

If to take the same Japan, then locals very mistrustfully treat import vegetables and fruit, preferring to eat only what grew on the island, especially love vegetables brightly - green or orange coloring.

2. It is necessary to prepare, whenever possible, for himself independently. Any dish has to be prepared with love. And who loves you most of all if not you are? If you put all the heart and soul in this process - the food is easier acquired, in it the greatest possible amount of vitamins and minerals remains.

To learn to prepare most it is possible both in 14, and in 70 years, there would be a desire. The benefit is enough various recipe-books now. Day by day treating itself to fried eggs on duty, pelmeni and quick sandwiches, the man can drive himself into a corner. And that is even more terrible - will begin to think of a marriage, only to shift all freight of cares of food to the spouse.

3. What can be eaten in the raw try quite so and is. the Speech at all not about potatoes, but the beet grated on a small grater or passed via the food processor will keep much more vitamins if to make of it salad right there, but not to boil. Only some vegetables it is more useful in a boiled look. These are tomatoes and carrots, broccoli and spinach. And potatoes, by the way.

The same concerns also some berries with fruit. It is possible, of course, in the old manner, having filled up the same bilberry with sugar in the ratio 1:1,5, to cook jam. But modern refrigerators allow to freeze the same bilberry nearly buckets. After a freezing of useful substances remains more. And in general some experts consider that temperature at thermal treatment of vegetables and fruit should not exceed 60 degrees.

4. It is the best of all to make meal at the same time , and, without waiting until in series there comes the commercial break and it will be possible to break in kitchen hastily to smear bread with oil. When the organism gets used to receive food in strictly certain time, the stomach works as hours. To the contrary, release of gastric juice when to it throw remains that to have a bite leads to the fact that stomach walls, being affected by acid, receive holes. The stomach throws a big portion of acid even at one piece of bread from where to it know that you rush off to the TV again?

For the most patient who read up this material up to the end I want to present a gift. I will tell about one of the most useful porridges - millet. It contains a lot of protein, enough various vitamins, in it the greatest number (among other cereals) vitamin B which regulates fatty and carbohydrate process in an organism, promotes blood formation improvement.

And how many in it minerals! Folic acid (the best medicine for fight against stresses improving a psychological state of the person), zinc, iodine, magnesium, sodium, chlorine. Enough potassium which strengthens warm vessels. The only contraindication - the lowered acidity of a stomach.

I attach the recipe of millet cereal loved by with prunes and walnuts.

On 1 glass of millet 2 glasses of water, a half-glass of small cut prunes, 2 - 3 tablespoons of walnuts, a butter tablespoon will be necessary.

In the beginning to a saucepan there are prunes, it needs to be cooked after boiling of 5 - 7 minutes, the millet grain (which is previously well washed out and purified of orange unshelled kernels), and in five minutes prior to readiness to add a kernel of nuts then is added. After that to add salt or sugar to taste. Before giving on a table to put a butter piece.

And last council: when you buy millet, pay attention to its color. It has to be yellow. If color it is white - yellow, then millet old