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Racetracks habitually refer the choice of a racetrack

to cardiovascular machines. And they really at the correct use allow to improve a state warmly - vascular system, to increase endurance of an organism in general. Besides, occupations on a racetrack - a good way to lose several extra kilos. The advantage of run is invaluable. Of course, first of all loading goes on legs, but when the person runs (or even when walking), all body is set in motion.

I even in spite of the fact that weight loss, improvement of a state of health also is a main objective of purchase of a racetrack, through one - many cease to use two months the exercise machine. Why? Partially from - for the fact that the motivation was not sufficient and occupations on a racetrack are thrown. But in a bigger degree the wrong choice of a racetrack becomes a cause of failure from trainings. The comfort and feeling of improvement of a state of health will always give a certain incentive to continue trainings. And it not least depends on a good choice of a racetrack. Therefore to know more about a design of this exercise machine and about the opportunities given them it will be extremely useful.

Usually first of all the issue what to buy a racetrack - mechanical or electric is resolved. To be defined, it is necessary to know in what their main distinctions and as far as they are essential. In fact, the racetrack is the exercise machine consisting of the rotating tape and hand-rail.

In a mechanical racetrack a cloth rotates due to own efforts. While you run, the cloth rotates, stop - and the tape does not rotate. Such the device quite corresponds to natural run, i.e. You move with that speed with which it is convenient, sometimes accelerating or being slowed down. On a mechanical racetrack there is no need to run with constantly set speed. Mechanical racetracks have also other advantages. From - for lack of an electric motor the electric power is not spent, there is less than the weight of the exercise machine and there are they therefore is much cheaper.

But in too time mechanical racetracks are not deprived of shortcomings.

the Main minus always remains that moment that the cloth should be rotated by own forces. And it creates additional load of legs that is pleasant to not everyone. For the same reason, occupation on mechanical racetracks is not recommended to those who has some problems with legs.

One more circumstance. At most data which can be seen on mechanical racetracks is indicators of pulse, speed, time of the training passed distances and the number of the spent calories. No special programs of work of the exercise machine here also can be.

Important remark! Mechanical paths differ on system of loading and braking. The kind of mechanical racetracks with the magnetic mechanism of loading and braking (often them call just magnetic) differs from usual in smoother course of a running cloth. On usual mechanical paths at run breakthroughs with which the cloth moves will be often felt.

the Main difference of electric treadmills that no efforts to apply a running cloth for starting are necessary - for you it does an electric motor. And the speed of the movement it is possible to set any, from minimum to maximum (depends on motor power). On the control panel, except the main indicators, depending on model of a racetrack there is a possibility of use of the built-in programs of occupations or even creation of own. Naturally, due to introduction of additional options electric treadmills have also higher cost.

the Basic element of the electric treadmill, of course, is the motor. The maximum speed of rotation of a cloth depends on its power. Electric motor power also is defining for the most allowable weight of the person who can be engaged on such exercise machine.

Sometimes meets the surprised question: why the identical power of an electric motor is specified in characteristics, and the allowable weight of the person differs? Or on the contrary the maximum weight of the user identical, at a noticeable difference in motor power. The matter is that the electric motor has two indicators of power - constant and peak. And sometimes specify peak power in the advertizing purposes, and, above all for a racetrack constant power. As at occupations on the exercise machine the electric motor works with constant power. This information can be specified at the seller or to look independently. The second reason of such divergences to disappear in various physical sizes of a cloth as, the less tape, the is easier to set it in motion.

From all this can draw a conclusion that it is more correct to make the choice of a racetrack as follows. To allocate a circle of the exercise machines meeting your requirements for the weight of the user and the sizes of a path. And if parameters are approximately identical, only then to choose a racetrack with the largest constant power.

the Most popular racetracks are on sale under the name of firms Torneo, Atemi, WNQ, Steel Flex, Kettler, etc. But has to influence the final choice of a racetrack not only widely famous brand the producer of exercise machines, but also the provided guarantee. Better if guarantee certificates are undertaken by shop. The service center at shop - the seller will relieve of excess problems, otherwise, in case of breakage the exercise machine can be sent to the producer. And finally, there is a wish to add that the racetrack is the interconnected system from the motor (if it electric), cloths, a metal frame and electronics. Therefore all components are important: the automatic cooling system is necessary for an electric motor, the cloth has to be greased constantly (it is desirable that it occurred in the automatic mode). Therefore to choose a reliable racetrack, it is necessary to turn even on such details which first seem not so important.

Of course, all this in general will be reflected in exercise machine cost. Therefore here, as well as in any choice it is necessary to be defined what functions and opportunities for you are important.