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What is a grant and as to receive it? Several times I wrote

about how to realize this or that social project, to carry out an action. There was a mass of questions. Seemingly many are also ready to make something useful to the city or the country, but cannot. The reasons for that are the most different, and one of them - financial. How to solve this problem? One of forms of receiving means for implementation of the project is receiving a grant.

the Grant - this the sum of money which is provided to you by any Russian or international organization under implementation of the project which is of social value. The grant is provided gratuitously and irrevocably, on the conditions provided by the grantor.

So when you have a specific project, you need to fill in the application. The application - the written address with a request for allocation of a grant. As the business concern makes business - the plan with the purpose to convince investors to invest money in business, so the application is necessary to convince the grantor to invest money in your project. However, unlike business - the plan, the application is written to receive funds for the noncommercial project, that is for business which obviously will not make profit.

Applicants - individuals or the organizations submitting applications for a grant.

As a rule, in charity and state foundations address for support of the organization, the carrying-out projects which will not make profit for her members (performers of the project, owners of firm, founders of the organization etc.) .

And now how there is a procedure of participation in a competition and, actually, receiving a grant.

1. Grants are distributed on a competitive basis - within the competitions announced by the grantmaking organization (they are called donors, funds, the charitable organizations).

2. Depending on competition conditions, the registered public, municipal and state organizations, on-stage performance groups or natural persons can participate in it.

3. To participate in a competition, it is necessary to fill a form of the application for a grant (applications are urged to convince the grantmaking organizations of need of allocation of means by it). Applications are accepted during the limited time determined by a condition of a competition of this fund.

4. All projects are considered by advisory council and are approved by board of the program (at the same time the sent materials are estimated by experts generally from the point of view of mission of the donor, relevance and the existing priorities).

5. Transfer of financial means to the winner of a competition is carried out on the basis of the contract which is signed between the grantmaking organization and the applicant (in the contract the responsibility of the parties is described, terms of performance of work, submission of the reporting, the schedule of transfer of means are specified).

6. Upon termination of a competition its results are told by performers to employees of the program after the grant period (term of implementation of the project). The grantee has to submit the report on use of a grant to the founder.

7. The report has to include substantial and financial speak rapidly. The grantee who did not submit the report in the time established in the Grant agreement gets in black list .

8. Data on inappropriate use by the grantee of means of a charitable grant go Grant department to the tax inspection.

Recently there are more and more organizations and individuals in our country face need to write applications for grants. Fresh ideas demand means. For the western experts it is usual procedure: funds announce competitions, winners of competitions get grants. However for experts of Russia and other countries of the former USSR a problem to write and submit the application for such competition of ideas and projects only recently became actual.

If you have ideas - embody them, use those opportunities which are available! Good luck!