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The known bugs in Risen and ways of their decision.

Rizen are an informal follower Gotiki 3, a child of Piranha Bytes, is already ready, and at the moment passes a final stage polishings . On October 2 there will come the long-awaited moment, game at last will appear on shelves of shops. At present developers do the numerous presentations of the game at the gamescom exhibition. We can help those who could not get on an exhibition, having the game version of game, on one of branches of our forum we tried to answer the most part of your questions. At numerous requests, the plot will not be mentioned by

of Naturo: Please without spoilers, but tell about bugs and approximate duration of game. the General time I cannot tell

to you because I itself did not play game yet, but according to developers, and on own experience I can tell that passing will take you from 40 to 80 hours, depending on what quests you will take and to investigate the district how carefully. Generally duration depends on the player. I can tell

About bugs that in several hours of game, I did not find not one critical bug or a mistake, it is incomparable with G3, here developers really well worked

still interestingly how the NPS models often repeat and whether strongly is evident what models is sounded by the same person?

of Model repeat quite often, the general signs are expressed in clothes, a hairdress and persons, models of women especially often repeat. The postscoring is very good and differs enough, but happens that voices repeat.

As looks the user interface? Everything is convenient? Whether there are defects which are allocated?

the User interface is quite convenient, four buttons via which it is possible to open the menu of stock, cards, quests and the character are used. Everything is accurate and accurately organized so to carp there is nothing.

of Cepheiden: Maybe you will provide detailed information on fighting system (the neighbor - distant fight and magic) including small video?

To a regret, I cannot execute this desire, to us strictly forbade to upload video from this version, but later I will tell more detailed information on fighting system.

of Menotar: Ah, I know that I can ask now. Whether there will be enough women - nps in game. Whether there are enough for all women?

So to say, in game is women, in a seaport there is even a brothel, but in game everything is equally men prevail, and it did not seem to me that each NPS of the man has a wife or the girlfriend

of Alu: Whether game on many computers was tested? Whether Igrabilna version 1. 0 (last time was not)?

Game was tested on several computers, on laptops of average productivity, and by very strong cars, went everywhere! The truth on the laptop was necessary to rejoice to the fact that game goes on the minimum settings. Version 1. 0 definitely igrabelna!

of Crusader 1: I am interested in a daily way of life of NPS. Where they eat to whom they talk where they go to work?

Yes, at NPS the daily routine, they talk among themselves concerning various events, sit at a fire, women cook food in a copper, and each NPS is busy with the corresponding profession, for example the smith does the weapon. The alchemist cooks potions. Simple workers carry goods. Generally there is very bright background for various quests.

of franccos: In last games of the Gothic style series, there was always an unpleasant thing if you investigate the district, then important objects yet not of an active quest could get to you.

Again - is such circumstance here that the hero can find important kvestovy objects, despite the fact that the quest is up to this point inactive, the system all the same will show it. For example inscription, 1 of 5 insects " is killed; it is possible to receive irrespective of whether at you this quest was active or not. As far as it negatively influences game I cannot tell, I had no problems with it yet.

of Flyer: I wanted to learn, women are made in Rizen for appearance or they give some quests? And still I wanted to learn whether there will be elderly women (as Sagitta in G2)?

Women give important quests, and are part of a plot. I did not meet elderly women yet, so to say, to one lady was somewhere for 40, but the real grandmothers I did not meet.

of nukular: I am interested in screens on high, average and low settings. And I would like to ask whether Rizen at me will go (E8400 [3GHz DualCore], 8800GTS 512, 3 - 4GB Ram)?

We tested game on Core2Quad 6600, GeForce 8800 GTS (Version 186. 18) and 3 MB RAM, game goes on high specification and normal rate of frames, but when we put specification of a shadow on average and high settings, game put the " computer; on knees

of Ai Rin: May we investigate all island at once? Or it is possible, except some areas at which we cannot be present at the initial stage?

Yes, in the beginning we can bypass almost all island, I tried to come so far as far as could, but there is special a zone, protected by magic, but

can be passed there later, but everything will be difficult to bypass all island in the beginning because in some places monsters are so strong what in the beginning we need to pump over, to dress it in the best armor and the

weapon In game there is an arena?

Is arenas for fights if you mean it, but they are in certain places

As long the enemy will pursue in? Whether really to disappear from prosecution? Enemies pursue

dostachno long, but it is possible to escape all if whether you will be able to come off on dostachny distance

there are gods?

Ya did not face this

DasRoccodil: Interests me shifted to the Left - system, and complexity level whether it is possible to change it (Alya Oblivion) or everything is already preset?

This system is known to us from G3, the hero receives points of experience solving quests, and killing enemies, the truth this time they are called points of training, they can be spent for development of abilities in teachers. Traits of character can be bought or developed by spells, the found koreniye or mushrooms. In game three levels of complexity though in Rizen and so not everything is easy, should be collected everything that badly lies and to constantly improve the abilities, otherwise against strong enemies you will have no chances. whether

I still a question can most forge the weapon and an armor, or it is possible to use what is given only?

If is talent blacksmithing it is possible to do not only the weapon, but even jewelry of necessary materials, these things can have magic forces

of ovi also: How the system (near) fight looks whether it is necessary just to stand near the enemy and to strike blows, then to evade, or nevertheless the boyevka will be thought more over with all blocks, painful zones, speed and range of blow (depending on the weapon), a combo?

System of near fight consists their two basic elements: striking a blow and parrying, at development of skill of possession of a sword it will be possible to use, for example, the new movements for example to finish blows of the opponent. Fight demands from you tactics. Special painful zones I did not find

of crusader1 in the enemy: I want to learn what will occur if the hero jumps in the sea. He cannot swim

Precisely, he cannot swim, it on water - that hardly goes, but if to come more deeply, then there is a small episode which once again assures us that the hero does not swim. It will not drown, and through a short period it will appear on the land again, and it will be possible to play further.