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How to look after skin around eyes?

Internal beauty of the person and his health always find manifestation on appearance of the person. For this reason it is necessary to approach improvement and prevention from two parties - from within and outside. In this article we will consider councils for external methods of care of skin around eyes.

Care of skin around eyes demands special approach. As this area of eyes is especially sensitive and vulnerable, it is worth knowing a number of rules by which procedure of care of skin is usually carried out.

It is impossible to avoid aging of skin around eyes. It is possible to slow down this process, and at the wrong approach to care of skin around eyes it is possible to accelerate aging process.

Today the market of cosmetics is rich with the range of means on care of skin around eyes. In a pursuit of youth many hurry to try everything that is on a counter of the largest cosmetic shops.

From what to begin and to continue by what? And care of skin around eyes begins with clarification. It is necessary to wash away decorative cosmetics special means for removal of a make-up, do not wash away cosmetics by means of water and soap at all. It leads to a skin siccation. For washing it is necessary to use a skin for washing.

Further primary protection follows. At the initial stage it is possible to manage easy means with the moistening effect. Similar means are capable to protect skin around eyes from harmful effects of environment and from negative influence of the sun.

Intensive care of skin around eyes needs to be begun at the age of 25 - 30 years or depending on specific features. The first manifestations of aging of skin arise in the form of mimic wrinkles on centuries. Every day we blink, we squint from the sun, we laugh or we long. All this load of eyelids. Additional load of eyelids is rendered by drawing and removal of a make-up. Therefore it is necessary to put and remove a make-up very carefully, without stretching skin around eyes.

Circles and bags under eyes - actual problems at any age. Bags under eyes arise from - for fatigue, insufficient rest, from a sleep debt. Regular compresses and washings by ice cubes from broths will help to solve in the evening this problem.

Circles under eyes - a sign of bad passability and low speed of the movement of a dark blue blood. Special means on care of skin around eyes can cope with this problem.

It is worth remembering that the texture and a consistence of the means on care of skin around eyes has to be very gentle. The best form - in the form of gel.

At the age of 35 - 55 years preventive approach to care of skin around eyes comes to an end and fight against already shown signs of aging of skin begins. At this age it is already worth paying attention to the means and cream containing active ingredients capable to restore elasticity and elasticity of skin, to humidify and feed it. Use of various serums and masks is also necessary.

You should not neglect lechebno - preventive massage. The simple movements can be found in the Internet easily. Also it is worth remembering about a technique of putting cream on the person. For area around eyes there is the rule of putting cosmetics: for a lower eyelid - from an external corner of an eye to internal; for an upper eyelid - from an internal corner of an eye to external. Cosmetic needs to be applied in a small amount, slightly pressing during drawing.