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The best review of Risen

Publisher: Deep Silver.

The publisher in the CIS: New disk .

Genre: role-playing game / action.

Similar games: Gothic 1 and 2.

Quantity of disks in the original version: 1 DVD.

Platforms: PC (Windows XP and Vista), Xbox 360.

Minimum system requirements: Pentium 4 2 GHz or similar Athlon, 1 GB RAM, the video card of the class GeForce 7900 or Radeon X1800 from 256 MB VRAM, 2,5 GB of the place on the hard drive.

Small, but very proud studio Piranha delivers many years excellent role-playing games to the world market. It is curious, however, that each their work receives not warm welcome with flowers and an applause, and the cart of gaming discontent. Under distribution already the unusual management (Gothic), a slow and outdated cursor (Gothic 2), and then a zabagovanost (Gothic 3) visited. Here and the new game of Piranhas called by Risen we will meet by reproaches. Yes, povinuyas tradition, we will unscrupulously abuse it.

How to me to get to old camp?

Why unscrupulously? Because in a case with Risen the majority of gotoman ran on what fought for. And admirers of the Gothic style fought for traditions of a series, for the compact world and the accurate subject line. Who appreciated the third Gothic style scale, beautiful landscapes, difficult tasks, freedom of passing? I report: you shouted quietly and did not hear you. And Piranha Bytes obeyed to will of the majority and let out a remake of the Gothic style 1 - 2.

Here it is necessary to tell that the Gothic style 2 already decently repeated a plot the first Gothic style and in addition Night of the Raven game designers did not hesitate to use the same receptions. Indispensable need to deserve someone`s trust to get in the VIP - quarter, gathering of five (magic number) artifacts, an obligatory vault with traps at the end of the game became really business cards of a series. And after four years they, nobody any more not demanded, were found in Risen.

The hero, the victim of ship-wreck, starts game as poor as a church mouse over again, and also without name and without the past. Others island Faranga is hardly more friendly, than Horinis: the wakened volcano frightens all by earthquakes, from - under lands the ancient temples full of gold and monsters grow. Inhabitants do not dare to poke out a nose for city walls, and the inquisitors who arrived to revenue were not capable to cooperate with local government in the person of Don Esteban. As a result Esteban and the best fighters of the island fly into a rage from inaction in the depth of bogs, and Inquisition behind shortage of shots hires swindlers and peasants in the ranks. It is clear, that so affairs cannot long go, and the anonymous hero will get a role of the catalyst of future events.

Cry with nostalgia: Esteban - the poured-out Gomez only wrapped on gold, but not on ore. He lives on a bog, and his supporters are called bandits. Why? Not it is clear: Don`s people are not engaged in gangsterism. Probably, that similarity to the Crow camp became full. The Supreme inquisitor Mendoza is more picturesque option of fanatical lord Hagen. He located in the monastery of magicians who worship fire and do not let strangers on the threshold. The large city only one, and port - its main sight. You want more analogies? The set them will meet on a plot: five artifacts open a portal to a source of all evils, and nowadays illusive ancient soldier sealed a gate. Further his mummified servants will ask a brick, and also it is necessary to smooth out temples of an ancient civilization. For a dessert - arcadian fight with the final boss, original only by the standards of a series.

Not only that it plunders us, so he sells our things to our people!

Familiar subject contours, however, are not decorated this time with flowers of irony, fills them is black - white shading of limit realism. Any clownery about magicians - half-educated persons and gnomes - monks, any parade of talkative, fanatical, pathos or mad characters. Inhabitants of Farangi least of all want to surprise you or to draw attention to themselves. To the hunter on a bog it is cold, damp, there is no money, prospects - too. Therefore it rough and reticent. And nearby one more hunter. It has no money too, to it is cold too, so he will send you the same course, as his recent colleague. Persons reveal on the course of performance of tasks. The traitor - a journeyman can be the intimidated pawn in others game, and then to become your companion. The peasant who is spending on drink the last money in a tavern in actual fact appears the desperate adventurer, and the greedy person who then just became impudent. The shape of characters changes with each dialogue, and be sure, as your honor in the opinion of fictional heroes will change during game more than once. Especially as everything will not manage to please in any way: aspirations of inhabitants of the island are weaved into a hard ball where someone fights for a survival, others look for justice, and the third see only general danger of the ancient evil. Everyone is in own way right, and at any it is possible to find weakness or defect.

The feeling of motivation of each act, but alas is so created, in such world there is no place to maniacal villains and devoted friends. Characters too timid and busy to accompany the main character in his adventures. Only the adventurer Pattie, the druid Eldrick yes the inquisitor Mendoza make a pleasant exception. In addition the daily routine for NPC was very poor: hardly ten from them find time both for work, and for rest, and for a dream. The majority for all day manages to chat only with somebody, to walk from the house on couple of steps yes to sit on a bench. But scripts not so strictly operate now characters. Two citizens talk, for example, and here you address one of them. The second will not stand nearby and to wait in line, and will go about the own business or will sit down aside. Pleasant detail: and nepis are not so automatic, and does not smell of chaos of RadiantAI.

All chapter 1 of the anonymous hero the improved system of theft feeds. Most pleasant pocket thefts look. In total as in Operations Y : distracted the victim a simple question, and then created the dirty business. Calling differ from inquisitive What the red stone on the inquisitor`s eye is? to aggressive You have at least one normal blade?! . In response to the first question it is possible which - what to learn about background of game, on the second - a lot of things about itself. The burglar`s job became more difficult. Behind counters of shops the forbidden territory where the seller will watch each step of the player without any affability begins. Even if the podkradyvaniye does not help to pass by vigilant guards, we clamber on roofs and we look for open window leaves. And then the master key which we twist to the left is used - to the right so far the chest or a door does not capitulate.

This plate is in the ancient temple on a bog. And the internal voice speaks to me: do not go to ancient temples on a bog

The next time was forwarded by Piranhas of oldskulny roleplayers, having given to an after game and social quests much less attention, than to wandering on dangerous back streets of the island. It is necessary to fight much, it is even more - to look for necessary on the instructions of a vault and treasure. You correctly understood: " tasks; go there, I do not know where still occupy the greatest part of game. The truth to please lazy and casual in depths of the magazine of tasks is concealed the card with hints, but meanwhile any kazuat did not find it independently.

Knowing love of gotoman to research of the world, developers concocted tens of confidential passes, caves and the hidden treasures. The promised 40% of game underground can be rounded to a half safely. I cannot tell that in vaults it is as interesting, as on a surface: what the free world if one razneschastny lattice can not allow to you to play game is? And riddles of ancient temples not simple: which - where it is necessary to turn the winch a shot from onions, it is only possible to fly over other abyss, and to some rooms it is possible to creep only in the form of a bug - a nautilus. Also designers were traps in good graces - thorns, keys in the form of stone busts, problems on the telekinesis, anti-magic crystals and other inventions of the ancient people which rather are slowing down playing the game. Certainly, in monsters there is no shortage too. The wild roar from - for doors forces to shudder: whether the mglor - a fright sits there? No, of course not: there two mglor sit. You will cope - on a script the boss, directly from - for backs right there will jump out. It, in addition, is impregnable for the weapon - hardly it is necessary to the player!

Fighting system in Risen excellent, but not so spectacular: the movements are steep, waves clumsy. But receptions the set is available and to select tactics very interestingly. First a board - the unapproachable fortress, but when go the master of the axe into action, magicians and strong monsters, it is so simple to be protected it will not turn out. Counterattack - good alternative, in addition allows to be quit quicker with the enemy, however demands from the player of reaction. Evasion is irreplaceable in fights with clumsy enemies, and especially furious monsters will tear in down blows with scope. Damned zaklikivaniye it is ripped in the bud: the neprokachany soldier is limited to series from three blows, pumped over - from four. The last blow is stronger other, but it is followed surely by a pause.

Is to archers and magicians thanks to an autosight and deficiency of shooters much more simply - opponents. Archers and arbaletchik need to choose only a good point of firing, and to the magician - to stock up with manna bottles. The magic, is by the way, presented not only runes and disposable rolls, but also crystals: fiery, ice and magic arrow. These spells can be developed as the weapon, increasing rate of fire and radius of damage. There is an opinion that fireballs will give decent odds to blades, and even high cost of potions of a manna does not cover this difference.

The computer operates monsters and characters unambiguously better, than in all Gothic style series combined. Nobody slips before water barriers, is lazy to be tightened on ledges, is confused in labyrinths of mountains and caves. The mass fights which appeared in the Gothic style 3 in Rizen steel rather convincing and intense: the weapon beats several purposes at once, enemies unscrupulously attack from a back, and sopartiyets do not strive to kill our hero together with monsters. The last at last got the promised special blows long ago: boars beat from dispersal, the blow of an ogr creates a small earthquake on the ground, wolves skillfully streyfut, and huge turtles hide in the armor. The developed gregarious instinct and mania of prosecution (the main character, of course) do not allow to use classical poluchita with a vymanivaniye on one. It is a pity only that the wild beasts usually ignore each other: it is not ridiculous when the hero is poisoned by the integrated pack of wolves and boars.

Riddles, duels, research and thieves` tasks, investigations, team battles, rough dialogues, and also the idyllic and oppressing landscapes will last for 25 hours of game with the head. It is important that the processed cursor of the Gothic style 3 is not buggy in general and it is fine optimized. Traditionally excellent work of the composer Kai Rozenkrants did not suffer from the cut-down budget. Even without orchestra and the invited performers Kai wrote down very atmospheric musical subjects: lingering sounds of a flute and vigorous guitar searches, rigid percussions and disturbing ringing of bells. In a word, is what to be frightened and eat with what to admire - Risen unambiguously very atmospheric game.

I try to decipher these ancient letters

Finally the small saga about preparation of localization by the " company; New disk . Russian-speaking gotomana - children very persistent. They watched closely the translation of words and names. As it appeared, not for nothing. The Trollepodobny animal of ashbeast nearly got the shameful nickname pepelitsa but under a look of reproach of fans was - it is renamed in a mglor. Kleptomaniacs - dwarfs New disk for some reason strove to translate a feminine gender, and Harbor Town (Seaport) and remained Harbortaun in the final version. Exclamation Rats! it was honestly translated into Russian as rats! For example, the hero remembers rats if at him ended Mang. Generally even after fan editing the Russian text surprises with places.

With dubbing everything is much better. Pleases already the fact that it is. New disk called the checked actors more than once translating the most different Gothic styles (Weadyseaw Kopp, Andrey Yaroslavtsev, Dmitry Polonsky). For a leading role carried out a casting, and the veteran of series " was elected from nine candidates; LOST Alexey Myasnikov. All actors perfectly played pushers, swindlers, fanatics and adventurers. Mendoza is cool, Pattie - just a hand bell, and the hunter Luis in general out of competition.

In four days prior to release nerves of sellers handed over, and sale of game in many shops began. Naturally, the translated Risen right there was a zapirachena, is disaccustomed to a disk and came to be on the Internet earlier, than in Europe the first box with game was unpacked. Actually it means that about collecting Risen the speech does not go to the CIS: how many the understanding people will chip in together, it is so much money to Piranhas and will get. And the budget of the following gotikopodobny game directly depends on collecting Risen. By the way, Piranhas hinted that it will be in style stimpank.


Atmospheric world.

Several options of passing of a plot and majority of tasks.

The fighting system meets all expectations, except staginess.

Expanded system of development of the hero.

Good intelligence of enemies and characters.

Various not role tasks.

The optimized cursor and nice graphics.


There are a lot of loans from the Gothic style series.

A short plot with uneven composition.

Assessment 8,0.

A conclusion

of Risen sums up the result of practices of Piranha Bytes studio, but does not present practically any fresh development. It is a self-clone, though very expected in absence of recognized competitors. Risen - not new Gothic style therefore will play in it those who are not familiar with old or, on the contrary, studied it to nausea. And still Risen is an example of the atmospheric game made for the sake of money. For fans of the real three-dimensional action/RPG to acquaintance it is obligatory.

The review is written on PC - the version of the project