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What to have a snack a tablet on?

Exist at least 200 medicines which efficiency is influenced by food. How by means of food to strengthen the effect of drugs or, on the contrary, to reduce their undesirable effects?

Who accepts anti-inflammatory

: All who suffer from pains priartrita, inflammations of sheaves, muscles and joints. Appoint them and at a toothache, neuralgia, cold.

Features of a diet: At long reception these means can render an irritant action on a stomach therefore they should be accepted after food, washing down with a large amount of water, milk or mineral water. Food should not overstrain a stomach - avoid smoked, fried, sharp. It is more than enveloping products (kissel, porridge).

Who accepts warm

: People with the high arterial pressure, stenocardia.

Features of a diet: Administration of drugs for pressure decline along with a large number of a black-fruited mountain ash or beet can lead to hypotonia (the lowered pressure) as the last possess vasodilating properties.

If the person with heart failure uses warm glycosides (the means normalizing a heart rhythm), it is necessary to eat more products containing potassium: haricot, potatoes, grain, fish. Glycosides are slowly soaked up in intestines, and everything that promotes its fastest depletion, will lead to a premature conclusion of drugs still before they manage to work. Do not accept them along with fruit juice, black bread, honey, vegetables dishes, buckwheat.

Who accepts diuretic

: People with hypostases, cores - for removal of excess liquid.

Features of a diet: Together with unnecessary liquid also potassium and magnesium necessary for an organism are removed - it is necessary to make up for these losses: is baked or boiled (in a uniform) potatoes, porridge, buckwheat, dried fruits, fresh vegetables and fruit. Some diuretic preparations can influence the content in blood of glucose, cholesterol, on an exchange of fats. Therefore to the people having cardiac diseases or diabetes, taking this medicine, it is necessary to keep to the recommended diet.

Who accepts preparations of iron

: People with the low level of hemoglobin, anemia.

Features of a diet: It is impossible to accept together with milk and products in which there is a lot of oxalic acid or tannins (strong tea and coffee, shchavelyom, bilberry, etc.) and with the products containing phytin (nuts, wheat) - they limit absorption of preparations of iron.

Who accepts antidepressants

: People in a condition of a depression, alarm, apathy.

Features of a diet: We exclude from a diet all types of cheeses, a herring, canned food, raisin, yogurt, a salmon, coffee, chocolate, beer, red wines, bananas, pineapples, a citrus, grapes, a peanut - these products contain tiramin and serotonin which can reduce efficiency of antidepressants, and even sometimes provoke strengthening of side effects (for example, rise in arterial pressure).

Doctors call it cheese syndrome.

Pay attention

As a rule, reception of the majority of drugs does not impose a total ban on these or those products. If in the instruction you read that the preparation is not combined with this or that product, just take a two-hour break between drug intake and food. In especially serious cases the doctor by all means will discuss with you a suitable diet.

If in the summary to medicine time of its reception is not stipulated, so action of a preparation does not depend on meal.