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How to grow up children successful?

This question always worried and will worry parents. On adults heavy responsibility for the future of our children lies. How we will live depends on them and even what will be the country. But nevertheless usually us not these questions remote in time and which are daily arising - about study, about the house conflicts worry and if philosophical evening, then and about talents of the children and their development was given.

Who is only not engaged in training of children - schools, circles and sections, schools of additional education and private tutors. However, even in such area as education, our children have many difficulties. Many children go to school with pleasure and interest, but where their enthusiasm and interest in several years only disappears! Though, apparently, with expansion of an outlook they would have to have all new and new questions stirring interest in different fields of knowledge. And so happens for some reason only to the elite.

On a question that not so with school education, the answer is already found, and here it is necessary only to work, having imparted a habit it is correct to study each person. What is it is correct to study - it is possible to define so: if you receive the result expected from training, so affairs go in the necessary direction. If upon termination of school, higher education institution, a course of people cannot apply the gained knowledge in real life - something was not so in educational process.

The American writer, the philosopher, the humanist L. Ron Hubbard faced such problem (transfer of knowledge to other people they could apply them in practice to receiving the certain, in advance known and planned results) last century. Not that nobody faced such problem earlier, but he could find a solution of the problem of training. The technology of training developed by Mr. Hubbard successfully is applied already many decades in many countries of the world, at the different levels - from school students to top managers of management.

However, study, though takes the important place in development and life of our children, but questions of education, frictionless life with children in a family, a question of development of talent, statement of the vital purpose of the child - also very important questions occupying minds of many and many parents. And if on education problems we still poorly - can poorly find answers and solutions, then on the designated subjects to find information can be difficult. As for search of talent - it in general is considered incredibly difficult, almost unsoluble area of searches.

Meanwhile, L. Ron Hubbard whose main objective of life was a help to people, achievement of the best existence, solution of problems of reason opened many natural laws which can be used for improvement of relationship in a family, for search of and the place in life. And about it in March, 2010 it was possible to hear at seminars, lectures and meetings with Bernard Percy who visited us by the invitation of Applied Formation of the CIS.

Mr. Percy spent 5 days in Moscow, having given during this time 6 lectures, 5 meetings, two seminars and Internet conference which concerned generally two subjects: stays and developments of talents of the person, and also adjustment of relationship between children and parents.

Problem fathers and children apparently, it is old as the world, but also also it is unsoluble . However at the seminars Mr. Percy told and trained attendees in those basic laws which need to be known and observed to avoid these problems. The formula of successful communication described by L. Ron Hubbard which application was trained by Mr. Percy in total with the Understanding triangle (it is ARO triangle; ARO - an abbreviation from words of an affinita that means sympathy degree, reality and communication) allow to resolve any problems between people. For example, between children and parents, and also between spouses and any people in general. Therefore even those who dealt with education issues many years and studied much existing traditional literature on this problem, recognizing complexity of this problem, recognized that it is absolutely new and extremely effective information which should be used in the life to everyone and is constant.

Interaction of children and parents (or younger and senior generations) often consists also in what the senior happens it is necessary to control younger. Control usually contacts in our minds something negative. However, that will be if the driver badly controls the car? And if the adult badly controls a material environment of the child and near it there are such dangerous things how the road with heavy traffic, sharp knives, conducting without due isolation?

What Bernard Percy told parents about, concerned a subject of the positive and bad control described by L. Ron Hubbard in the works. From - for existence of bad control at the vast majority the mood from this word spoils. But actually if attentively to look at what irritates us in control, then it is possible to see that it just lack of good, correct, positive control. However, it is a subject of separate article.

How to exercise positive control - the theory and trainings - these subjects Bernard Percy explained not only to parents, but also children. It can seem surprising, but even 5 - summer children were quickly enough trained in this simple formula and with success could control the parents. But the most surprising - that this process destroyed a barrier, pulling together children and parents. Both those, and others were happy, persons shone pleasure and smiles on faces so pleased!

Besides, Mr. Percy told about the program for disclosure of talents at people of any age. One of its seminars was called How to earn money, being engaged in what is pleasant to you .

It is no secret that having even lived about advanced years very few people from people know all the strong and weaknesses, could understand the mission in this life, reach perfection in the field of the interests, having brought at the same time considerable benefit to other people. Just because not all are busy with favourite business and there is an opinion (one more delusion, as well as delusion about control) that work - it is heavy and tiresome. But any and each of us is capable days without a break, tirelessly, and at times without dream and rest to give all itself to hobby. Therefore it is no wonder that the subject of disclosure of talent cut to the quick everyone who heard about the presentation of the program of Mr. Percy.

The The Foundations of Brilliance program is also based on works and researches L. Ron Hubbard and already managed to win recognition and awards in many countries of the world. In plans of employees of Applied Education - to bring this program to Russia and the CIS for what this year it is planned to organize once again visit of Mr. Percy to Moscow for training of our employees.

Of course, after visit of Mr. Percy there were many impressions and good responses. Here some of them.

Training with children. I liked it very much. Similar practicians really liberate and pull together with children. There is a wish to repeat them in the life. Similar training and on the family relations would be interesting to me (the wife - the husband). Thanks. (P. E.)

Thanks a lot. Our relations with the child really began to change for the better. I see desire and readiness of the child to meet halfway each other, improving our relations. Many thanks!!! (F. A.)

Classes in English Are interesting. Classes in technology of training. Info on schools and kindergartens which apply similar technologies of training. Also would like to buy books on technology of training. I very much liked a seminar as it was succeeded to see a root of the problems in education. Also individual consultation at Bernard on vocational guidance is interesting to me. (E. P.)

Very joyful lecture. Received a charge of good mood. I will apply the gained knowledge. At you precisely to find talent private among the general and to help to find this main thing to other people. The purpose is a love of one person (the wife, the husband, parents, darling) or many people - recognition. Giving love, the person becomes richer. Continue your necessary business. The loving person is capable to reach any heights to make happy darling. (K. E.)

Remarkable seminar, very vital and remarkable lecturer! The technique of studying of the talents is new to me - I will surely try it. In conclusion we wish (H. N.)

A to all readers of fine relationship, success and pleasure in life!