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How to choose the necessary bra?

Presently bra not only classical element of female clothes or means of a seducing. This is first of all the female assistant.

we Will consider the main models of bras and that for what they are intended.

1. Dense forests - ap

This model visually increases a breast on 1 - 2 size therefore girls with a magnificent breast should not choose it. Cups of this bust ALWAYS have a diagonal seam which shifts a breast to the center at the expense of what it looks more sexually and more magnificently. Also dense forests - ap can have small pillows in the lower part. removable (that it is more convenient) or cast.

2. The classic

Myagko is fixed by a breast. At this model the closed cup divided by a horizontal seam, the shoulder-strap most often passes on the middle of a shoulder. This model well suits pyshnogrudy girls since ideally supports a breast absolutely it without constraining, the wide shoulder-strap distributes evenly loading. Happen to stones and without.

3. Sports

its main goal - to provide breasts due support. Depending on in what sport you are engaged and what strain you experience, it is possible to choose a bra with different extent of support. The bra has wide shoulder-straps and a tselnokroyeny back with a fastener in front, or a wide fastener behind. Flat seams and a framework, are located outside and will not cause unpleasant feelings at occupations, even the most active sport.

4. Balkonet

Otlichno fixes a breast thanks to stones. Shoulder-straps either are absent absolutely or are located very widely. The cup is usually dense. Such bra perfectly raises a breast, but does not shift it to the center. best of all we will suit girls with a B, C, D size.

5. Brasyer

Sozdayet effect of an open and magnificent breast.

U it a cup cover only the lower part of a breast.

Best of all will be suitable for the size A and V.

6. Silicone

Consists only of cups, that is without shoulder-straps and a basis. Keeps on a breast at the expense of a silicone basis. Will be ideally suited for the size A and B. It is not calculated on long carrying, no more 4kh is desirable hours. After removal processing by water is necessary, it is in other words good to wash. At careful leaving can long enough rushes though it is not durable. Also is silicone dense forests - the apostle. Is suitable for very open dresses and tops.

7. With an open back

the Open back, seamless cups, a special design of shoulder-straps, provides only easy support of a breast. Is suitable for the size A and Century

the Basic rules of the choice of a bra:

- not to choose at random. It is obligatory to measure.

- Selecting the size to clasp on an extreme fastener that in process socks when the tape under a breast a little stretches, it was possible to clasp on other hook.

- to Pay attention to seams. They have to be flat and elastic that did not rub.

- the Shoulder-strap has to be sufficient width, but not assume all loading that is if the shoulder-strap fell down from a shoulder, the tape under a breast has to stay put.

- Stones. Should not be strongly bent, otherwise can crash into a breast. Better if they are from elastic polymer.

- the Size of a bra has to be no more and not less than the size of your breast.

- the Cups having a diagonal seam shift a breast to the center, and cups with a horizontal seam raise it.