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How really to earn, keep and increase money?

you will find In this article the accurate, clear and easily realized decision : investment and business. I will try to inform you of that new prospect which arose now. Whether you will use it - depends only on you. I can give you only one 100% a guarantee: in a year or before this opportunity your many friends and acquaintances will use...

As can usual, not grown wise special knowledge and skills of people to survive in the conditions of a present economic crisis? They say that crisis still really did not begin that is possible, the turning point will come by 2014... You want to live before?

Already many were left without work and test in new kinds of activity. Crisis forces people to think of the life and to look for other ways of earnings or business.

So, the famous author and the businessman Robert Kiyosaki recommends business and investment as the most effective ways of an investment of own efforts. In these cases the principle of the lever, animation of money, time, forces is used.


Let`s talk about investment at first. This subject frightens many by the complexity. But not everything is as terrible as it seems.

The current financial crisis showed us that of really reliable companies in which it is possible to invest safely and favourably to the money - simply does not exist . Already the set known and " went bankrupt; very reliable companies and banks. And how many still ahead

to bear money in bank for the deposit Now or in any investment company - it is equivalent to game in a roulette. Whether from whom will demand them in a year?

A natural conclusion arises: it is necessary to be engaged in investment independently when control over your money is in your hands .

Whether but everyone can do it? And where?

Now available a way of enhancement of money - trade on the currency or stock exchange. For work it is enough to open the account at the broker, to install the program and, here it is happiness - you already the trader! At least, so easily everything is described by advertizing of numerous brokers.

But, alas, for most of people it does not become an exit - as practice shows to begin to earn really from the exchange, it is necessary to devote to this business as of at least 2 - 5 years . And yet not the fact that you will be able to trade profitably after that on long a period.

Many traders say that they successfully trade, but really do this only units . I am engaged in it 5 years and I know what I speak about: the probability to lose money at trade manually for most of people is equal to 99,9%.

So whether there is a decision?

in the middle of March, 2010 the Interfax agency published the review Robots against people which key idea was: At all world exchanges in recent years trade with use of algorithmic systems - robots " actively develops;.

In particular it was noted that most of professional participants uses algorithms now, on trade volumes robots on some platforms already occupy to 50% .

What is these robots and to whom they are available?

The Earning algorithms are a destiny of clever people at whom is to no - Hau in the market. In fact, it is the same process, as investment management: the person who understands, as to invest money, just describes it in the form of algorithm - explained to " agency; Interfax Stas Surikov, executive director of " investment group; Renaissance Capital .

Generally such earning algorithms are available to very large players of the market. And the cost of access to their use is estimated in in hundreds of thousands of dollars .

Other extreme - free algorithms which are readily available through the Internet. As a rule, they are developed by enthusiasts - fans. Happens, are even on sale via the selling websites. But efficiency and reliability of such algorithms leaves much to be desired. Numerous tests show that if to take rather long interval of time, for example half a year, then almost all such algorithms as a result lose money.

So, we came that on the one hand, the working algorithms exist , but they are generally not available to the ordinary person. On the other hand, available algorithms if work, then only at their continuous adjustment and tracking by the professional.

Unfortunately, rules of this resource do not allow to publish the decision which I promised to give at the beginning of article. Look for continuation on article reference to the source.

Progress and profit!