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Who such hackers of dreams ?

People carry out one third of the life in a dream. Every night we participate in some mysterious process which we then remember fragmentary and with great difficulty. Many people claim that they in general have no dreams . This delusion. The science found out that each of us has 5 - 6 dreams in a night. That is, the problem roots in their reminiscence.

Dreams were an important phenomenon in all world religions. Discussions about interpretation of dreams are mentioned in the Talmud - a collection of the Jewish religious doctrines (200 BC - 300 AD). In Upanishadakh - sacred Indian texts (the 7th century BC) the phenomenological description of dreams is provided. In the 5th century AD Ptolemaeus developed the theory of forecasts based on interpretation of snovidenny images.

According to most of people, the maintenance of a dream is function of the memoirs chosen at random as biological process.

The dream consists of a set of components: plot and emotions, characters, district, color and sound registration, discrepancies, gaps, transitions etc. So it happened that in modern culture dreams are usually used for a prediction of future events. You remember a two-three of bright images of a dream, open dream book and find their interpretation. Everything is accurate and clear: To See the island - means finding of rest, freedom and the deserved gratitude after many alarms . Or: To See chains - foretells slander and treacherous plans of your envious persons . Here the main thing - not to open the second dream book, otherwise you will find that The island is changes in private life, separations and losses; for married - divorce . And The Chain is an undivided fidelity . As soon as you verify interpretation of two dream books, the method of predictions loses a half of the efficiency. Its main shortcoming consists in it.

However there is one more version - not known to a wide range of people, but there is enough - convincing.

So, leader and founder of " group; hackers of dreams the certain Sergey Izrigi who organized in due time six clubs of dreams - in Minsk, Riga and four cities of Russia was. Five advertizing agents and 16 employed psychologists invited the people in clubs and conducted individual survey by specially developed technique. Conversations about dreams registered in audio - and video films, then were transferred to groups of retired military analysts. Those made the fancy classifications, squeezed out the general moments of information and sent conclusions to the customer.

As a result of processing of thousands of dreams the surprising, not giving in to an explanation facts were found. Struck a huge number of synchronous dreams. For example, on February 3, 1994 many people dreamed games with children or on the platform of the unfinished house, or on some ruins. What was it? Display of the snovidenny movie? A certain file which was scrolled through " disk drive; made of these snovidyashchy? Or here the wrong decoding of information took place? Some prevention? Order? Emission of unconscious material? There is no answer still.

Also it was noticed that people often see dreams which have no relation to their life. Let`s say the person never happening by the sea dexterously dissects waves on surfing. The inhabitant of the North hunts in a dream an elephant, and the guy from Baltic dreams a dust storm in the desert. Sometimes men get to female dreams, and women - in man`s. Sometimes we dream dreams of animals.

For example, this dream dreamed the ten-year-old boy Victor - the pupil of orphanage: Strange house. I was there for the first time. Suddenly everything began to tremble. Walls began to shake, from a ceiling plaster fell down. Outside the terrible roar was heard. I opened a window and saw the huge tank in several meters. Its tower began to be developed on me. I ran in sleeping where the two-year-old sister slept. Then there was an explosion. Walls fell. To me pressed down a leg, and I woke up from terrible pain .

Victor knows that mother refused him right after childbirth. Psychologists would tell that the boy`s dream accurately expresses his melancholy about a family, and drama contents is explained by a mental break of the thrown child. But this dream dreamed not only to Victor. During this period on the Balkans there was a war, and many people woke up in cold sweat from nightmares with tanks and the shot children.

Whose it is dreams? Who can broadcast them on a long distance? People? Collective unconscious? Or our planet?

In that far time scientists openly published articles about researches of dreams. Military almost did not pay attention to them. But since 1995 the situation changed. From archives hundreds of works which described straight lines and feedback between the worlds of dreams and a reality were withdrawn.

Hackers of dreams saved up all information available at that time on dreams and dreams. Their conclusion was the following: the dream is an analog of the text file in the only format - read. Approximately to the same opinion the American scientists come now.

The person familiar with computers knows that the text file cannot influence an operating system. But, being supplied with macroes of management, it turns in master key for breaking of the program. This hacker ruled fairly for penetration into any protected environment including for conscious entry into the world of dreams. And the dream is considered as the protected program.

The dream turns us into puppets. Filling up, we do not know in what place we will appear. The set of plots and characters is imposed to us besides our will. The program transfers us from a scene to a scene illogically. We act as the audience, as participants of events. The dream controls us, forcing to submit to its teams and rules. Though there are exceptions. Some people occasionally can to order plots of dreams. Others bring insignificant elements of management in dreams.

However any long efforts on to taming dreams causes retaliation . It is one more sign securities snovidenny program. Each researcher of dreams, eventually, meets with guards . These keepers ( defenders monsters ) frighten people if those begin to study features of snovidenny spaces. Psychologists claim that guards - it personification of our problems or exits of unconscious. Mystics and occultists say that keepers and monsters are astral beings or forces which, contacting to the person, take a form of terrible and dangerous monsters of

you Sleep peacefully and do not try to learn why you have dreams