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What in talk on birthmarks it is more - the truth or myths?

to get by Risk the melanoma turning a birthmark banal in appearance into a deadly illness, doctors frighten fans long ago to be fried under beams of the summer sun

However whether so everything is fatal and gloomy? What in talk on birthmarks it is more - the truth or myths? For explanations we addressed professor, the doctor of medical sciences, the leading researcher of RONTs of N. N. Blochin Lvu Demidovu.

Myth 1. Birthmarks are weak places of skin

Not weak places, and rather its defect. According to professor Demidov, the pigmentary spot (nevus) which is available from the birth or acquired with age - result of movement from depth of fabrics to a surface of skin of pigmentary cages of the melanotsit forming cellular congestions. On average at birth the person can have about 10 birthmarks. With a tide of life their quantity increases. And not each birthmark regenerates in a melanoma. The vast majority of dark marks on our body belong to a fibropapillomny nevus which is absolutely harmless.

Myth 2. The most dangerous - big convex birthmarks

In some degree this is true. Birthmarks, average and large by the size, require to themselves special attention. However, regenerate in malignant also absolutely small birthmarks - a so-called displastichesky nevus, predecessors of a melanoma can. At the same time it is absolutely optional that they acted over a skin surface. Both convex, and flat birthmarks can conceal threat in themselves. At women dangerous birthmarks are most often localized standing. At men - on a back.

Myth 3. A melanoma - a hereditary disease. With dangerous birthmarks we are already born

Yes and no. In any case, long-term medical supervision testify: 2 / 3 cases of a melanoma not of the congenital, and acquired origin. Process of regeneration of a nevus lasts many years. Scientific data demonstrate what on it leaves from five to ten years. And in it is the biggest insidiousness of a melanoma. The person can live for years with a mine of the slowed-down action on a body and not know that his life in big danger.

Myth 4. To get a melanoma, it is necessary to burn several times strongly

there is such theory. And it, according to Demidov, is not deprived of the basis. Especially if for the first time got burn of skin of people in the childhood. Researches of the last years demonstrate that each solar burn got at tender age many times increases risk of development of a melanoma in maturity. Most of all here representatives of the first and second phototypes - white, red-haired and blue-eyed risk. Going to the South, these people need to be especially careful. Fortunately, the vast majority of Russians belong to the third phototype with good adaptation opportunities of skin. But also to them professor Demidov to bask in the sun does not advise.

Myth 5. The sun

Not always is guilty of everything. Cases when the melanoma arose at people who never left northern latitudes and never sunbathed are known. Though, of course, excessive stay on the sun - in developing of a melanoma a factor important. Suntan - no other than natural protection of skin against ultraviolet rays. Under the influence of an ultraviolet the kernel, a genetic code of the melanotsit making a nevus is surprised, process of their dying is broken. As a result late cages regenerate, forming colonies mad cages that eventually can start tumoral process.

Myth 6. The main factor of development of a melanoma - a trauma bad a birthmark

do not touch it, and it not will bite . One of the most popular and most annoying beliefs in a melanoma. Experts are not tired to repeat: the earlier you remove potentially dangerous birthmark, the it is less than chances that process of its regeneration will go too far. Thanks to similar tactics, in America and Australia where in the last decades the real epidemic of cancer of skin burst, the mortality percentage from a melanoma declined.

It is regularly necessary to study the card of the body, attentively monitoring all changes it landscape . If it is required, resort to the help of relatives: on a back we have no eyes. If among your birthmarks is such which cause your concern, do not pull, go to the doctor!