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Why accrete twins call Siamese?

Everything is very simple. It appears, the first accrete twins Chiang and Ang were born on the peninsula Siam (nowadays Thailand) on May 11, 1811.

Their father was Chinese, and in veins of mother flew mixed Chinese - the Malayan blood. Names of brothers quite often translate as Left and Right though in Thai so call the green and ripened fruits of local fruit.

The birth of the twins who grew together in a waist became sensation. Chiang and Ang by miracle avoided death as people considered their emergence hall-marked with a devil . The king of Siam, having learned about appearance of babies on light, ordered to destroy them immediately. But mother did not refuse the children, and the monarch tempered justice with mercy later.

Boys quickly accustomed with the unusual anatomic structure and learned to run, jump and swim. In 14 years they were seen by the British dealer Robert Hunter who managed to convince mother that sons will be able to achieve happiness only outside Siam. Three more years were required to get at the king the exit visa of his citizens from the country. Mother actually leased twins to Hunter for 2,5 years for 3000 dollars, but received from the promised sum only 500.

Since 1829 Hunter and his American partner captain Abel Koffin carried Chiang and Ang across America and England, arranging nearly an every day four-hour representations in theaters and concert halls. In the course demonstrations twins at first just marched on the platform, then answered questions of the amazed public. After a while Siamese expanded the program with gymnastic numbers, transfer of the most difficult person from the gathered audience and game like badminton. Hunter and Koffin paid 1000 dollars earning on average a month (money huge for those times) to Chiang and Ang only on the five on the brother, and two years later their total earnings increased up to 50 dollars.

Brothers were exempted from guardianship of exploiters only when contract term expired. To them was 21 years by then. Within seven years they continued to give representations, but then doctor James Kollouey from Northern Carolina advised them to stop tiresome trips and to have a rest properly. Having listened to council, twins located in the town of Uilksboro and bought a farm. They obtained the American citizenship and chose for themselves a surname Banker.

In the neighbourhood with newly appeared farmers nice sisters of Yats lodged. And as usual, in heart of brothers there was an ardent feeling.

However, it already then, in the Hollywood movies, showed how brothers amicably dropped to legs of sisters and, washing tears, told them of passionate love. Actually everything was a little differently. The feeling actually flashed. But not in the hearts of both brothers, but only one. Chiang fell in love with younger Adelaide and made her the proposal. But as he could not marry alone (after the district rumors about a strange love triangle right there would spread), will - bondage also Ang with elder sister - 18 - summer Sara met.

Citizens and parents of sisters did not approve the being outlined marriage. Relatives of brides agreed to bless marriage only in case brothers risk to undergo operation on division. (To see, daddy with mummy Yats dreamed respectable that their future sons-in-law will not survive under the surgeon`s knife.) But here sisters rebelled and literally from - under a nose of doctors took away Chiang and Ang.

the Double wedding took place in April, 1843. There passed incomplete year - and Sara gave birth to the girl. And six days later Chiang and Adelaide`s daughter was born. In a year everything repeated with an interval in eight days.

Brothers bought the new house in Maunt Airey, and the number of family members regularly arrived. It became difficult to live in one house with a crowd of children, between sisters quarrels began to arise that led also to a problem in the relations of brothers. Soon they began to live on two houses: three days at Chiang`s wife, then three days at Ang`s wife. At the same time any whim of the host was the law for guest .

For support of financial position of the growing family (by 1860 at Adelaide was born seven, and Sara has nine children) brothers occasionally made tour tours. Struck a crushing blow to wellbeing of brothers Civil war after which their capital sharply decreased. Twins had to go with tours to Europe which went over with grandiose success. But during return to America by steamship to Chiang there was a blow which partially paralyzed the right half of his body.

The last years lives of brothers were saddened by numerous quarrels, besides Chiang began to drink strongly. Driven to despair, they addressed the family doctor, having demanded immediate operation on division. The surgeon, having listened to them, quietly laid out tools and asked: That you prefer: that I cut the flesh connecting you or cut off both heads? The result will be identical . The temperament of brothers was subdued. But the doctor promised to execute operation in case of death of one of twins. Unfortunately, it was not near when Chiang died. Ang who was possessing a good health and not being ill unlike the brother, endured him for only three hours. They died at the age of 63 years.