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What is carcinogens and what they are eaten with? Fashionable in talk the word began to roll

now: " carcinogen;. Pier: ... chips? it! I do not eat them, carcinogens there... Advertising frightens by this word: this - fried - refried croutons with carcinogens, and ours are made on other technology - and there are no carcinogens... And what is it - carcinogen? The word is repellent in itself, at once it becomes clear - something harmful. And everything is quite simple. This term from armor was formed. cancer - cancer and Greek genes - giving rise. Carcinogens are factors which can lead to formation of cancer. There are factors chemical, is biological (viruses), and there are even some types of radiation which are capable to stimulate development of malignancies. Let`s understand who there is who in the world of carcinogens.

Chemical carcinogens

the Most widespread:

* Nitrites - flavor sausages, sausages, canned food and other myasnost for preservation of color and a trade dress. Because differently - it will be with color and a smell of the decaying corpse. Nitrites also do not allow to develop to putrefactive bacteria. Consuming a pink sausage and red forcemeat, the person receives also a dose of nitritny poison.

* Nitrates - get to our organism together with the vegetables which are grown up on nitrogenous fertilizers. In kishechno - a gastric path they can pass into nitrites. by

* Peroxides - they are formed in pro-rancid fats and superheated vegetable oils. Therefore it is better to fry on melted butter. In creamy oil when frying harmful substances are formed too. Met information that olive and palm-oil is not formed when heating

peroxides * Acrylamide is formed when frying carbohydrates. Therefore the remarkable starchy kartoshechka, at its use in a fried look, poisons an organism. There and any crackers - chips -

croutons * Benzopirena are installed in all smoked products - grilnost - shashlychnost.... Proceeding from all aforesaid - it is better to consume boiled food

* Aflaktosina - the deadly poison which is formed as a result of activity of a mold. So if something in the " refrigerator; turned white / became green - it is better to throw out

* Dioxine at once - can be formed when burning garbage, even microscopic doses strongly influence organism cages. The worst that dioxine gradually collects in us in the polluted cities

* Asbest during lifetime - small, extremely chemically inert dust is practically not removed from an organism and stirs normal life of cages

* Tobacco and alcohol - here and I will not comment on :)

Physical agents (radiations)

* Ionizing radiation - they cause emergence in cages of an organism of free radicals - extremely active particles which destroy everything around (DNA, proteins and other). Can be sources: X-ray devices, Nuclear reactors, Accelerators of elementary particles

* Ultra-violet radiation. Sources: the sun, a sunbed, uf - lamps. Therefore or in a sunbed better strongly not to be fond of fire on the beach... If we do not want to get a cancer of skin

* Electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones, computers, TVs, microwaves and so forth is questionable. There are inconsistent opinions on their contribution to development of cancer. In particular, there are numerous certificates that electromagnetic radiation causes a brain cancer...

Onkogenny viruses

* Viruses of the hepatitis B and S can cause a tumor of a liver

* Viruses of papillomas are considered as responsible for cancer of neck of a uterus and other onko now - educations in a crotch... Many people are virus carriers, even without suspecting about it. In particular emergence of warts - a signal that at you this virus is present. But of course cancer arises not at each of carriers of the

virus * herpes Viruses are also present at many people and have an effect on a type of any unpleasant educations on lips, for example. The same viruses can become the reason of malignancies.

How to avoid developing of cancer?

the whole world also struggles With it now, it is possible to tell... How to avoid, prevent or cure already arisen disease. It is necessary to tell that physicians are inclined to consider as the most frequent reasons of developing of cancer wrong diet, cooking, smoking, alcohol intake, bad ecology now... In a network to me information that the diet (vegetariansko - syroyedchesky) is capable to do miracles in respect of disposal of cancer met. Well and of course at onko - diseases and their prevention smoking and alcohol intake is unimaginable. And in general it is difficult for me to imagine the person without addictions living in the village, in the fresh air, eating only on the vegetables and fruit, without any TVs - computers and developed at the same time cancer.