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Than to have a bite? Manifesto of chewing: you eat and grow thin!

Main in human life are, of course, food. This statement does not underestimate a vseopredelyayushchy role of sex. But, you see, getting hungry not only that every day and even not three times a day, and much - are much more often. At good combination of circumstances is easily it is possible hourly and practically without coming off and without stopping. Sex does not happen much too. But nevertheless any refrigerator as a result will be more attractive than the most remarkable partner. Generally, in sex breaks are quite possible. In food - are desirable, but malovozmozhna.

So, we admit: we constantly want to eat! Because, in - the first, sucks in the pit of the stomach in - there are no second, above pleasures, than gluttony. From the word gluttony from now on I remove abusive raid and I transfer to the category of the highest human virtues. Understanding revolutionism of the decision made by me, I assume also all completeness of social responsibility and each member chewing it. Chewing you see the short manifesto below.

Shortly about the main thing daily: getting hungry - eat surely! The correct having a snack at work will increase faded working capacity. Only you do not hurry " at once; to swallow an elephant . Estimate a task: it is necessary only to have a bite . Here and there will be enough crumb.

Than it is impossible to have a bite? Snickerses and other sweets, from which Ate - and an order! . Sounds quite threateningly, by the way! Constant office tea with sugar, cookies What there at you still?. It is happy funeral feast on your last figure.

It is the most useful to have a bite the products rich with cellulose. For example, nuts, dried apricots, apples and oranges. Hire these products with yourself, and you should not torture the stomach chips and cookies. For any products and having a snack - chew the general rule much and long. Give time your dried out with golodukh to a brain to think that you already in a full order. Tea, of course, is pleasant. But just clear water - is much more useful. Drink more.

Apples . Inhibit huge desire to have a bite. Foodstuff with the high content of food fibers, like apples, demands more time for a chewing, providing to your organism an extra time to register the fact that you are not hungry any more. Therefore the probability to eat too much decreases. An apple diet - a real way to weight loss. Besides, apples - natural resolvents.

Pine nuts . Contain the highest amount of protein among any other nuts or seeds. The handful of these nuts is traditional addition to food to create feeling of saturation. Pine nuts contain pinolenivy acid, more naturally polynonsaturated fats which actually stimulate two powerful hormones suppressing hunger. Both hormones play a major role in signaling to a brain that you are not hungry any more.

It would be possible to add to the list also the sunflower seeds loved by many. But your colleagues and the administration will hardly long suffer this gastronomic rudeness - clicking of sunflower seeds. But houses at the TV it will be pertinent and better, than absorption of cakes, candies or beer.

The you eat bigger amount of fiber in any food or snack, the sugar in blood raises more slowly, helping to contain thereby the hormones which are responsible for hunger, normal. Chew on health!