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Planning of pregnancy and food.

At a stage of planning of pregnancy it is necessary to reconsider the way of life, the habits.

Healthy food

Well, in - the first, we will talk about food. I for healthy food. And what is it? Probably, everyone solves for himself. At me is it is refusal from fat, sweet, flour, tinned. Of course ideal option, after all - golden mean. And most important, dear women, any diets. During pregnancy planning the organism needs a lot of energy in order that new life arose. From where to undertake this energy if future mummy sits 5 days on kefir, and then 6 days on apples?

The organism needs vitamins. Presently, probably, not to do without " vitamins; in boxes . Now on shelves of drugstores, it is possible to find a lot of such good, especially for planning pregnancy. I began to drink vitamins as soon as we began to plan pregnancy with the husband, month I drink, then 2 weeks a break. In such mode I continued to drink them both during pregnancy and during feeding by a breast. Of course, we try to eat more natural vitamins - fruit and vegetables. And also cottage cheese, meat and fish - the integral components of a diet.


As it is banal sounds, but children - leave off smoking. It concerns both future mummies, and daddies. About harm of smoking is written much and everyone knows what it there is a speech about. Anyway and only you have the right to choose this your decision and to solve. Before making the decision once again well think of your future child.

Alcohol, will not bring benefit too, but in reasonable quantities, for example, wine - is possible. We with the husband drank nothing during pregnancy planning at all. Three months I did not become pregnant, and then in June we celebrated mother`s anniversary, a wedding of the girlfriend and dared to drink a little. And what you think? This month I also became pregnant.

Fresh air and sport

Foot walks in the fresh air. This beauty. It is necessary to obtain to itself such habit if yet you do not have that. During pregnancy - it will be one of components of your good health. It is a high time to switch the view of all fine. To enjoy and rejoice to every moment.

Outside fall, it is gray, cloudy and the rain is going to go? Look narrowly more attentively and, the sky gray, but what surprisingly gray color! Yes, the fifth hour pours in buckets, but as it is pleasant to listen to rain noise! You learn to see everything in a positive key, it is good skill which is useful to you on your course of life.

If you are on friendly terms with sport, it is fine. If you are not on friendly terms, it is a high time to taste it. Especially occupations in which you will be able to be engaged will approach, being a pregnant woman, for example, Pilates, yoga, swimming, water aerobics.

Even during planning of pregnancy it is necessary to descend to tooth. I know general love to stomatologic procedures, and I not an exception, at me even knees shiver, only with thought that I need to go there. But I forced myself and went even before pregnancy, it appeared, arrived on time very much, to me sealed up two teeth, even without using anesthetics. Here that means to arrive on time, but not then when already you pine with pain, and there is no other exit left how to go to the stomatologist. And what I proud was when on the third month I was directed to the stomatologist, and he looked and told: At you everything is fine. You can go .

Now one of the most romantic and interesting periods in your life. Therefore communicate with the soulmate more, enjoy with each other, be gentle and attentive. After birth of the kid, there will not always be an opportunity to pay each other due attention. Try to test a pleasure maximum, this your fine time - pregnancy planning!