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How it is not enough to sleep and get enough sleep?

the Modern science does not cease to surprise the person. It appears, it is possible to sleep in 4 hours too, and it is quite real.

There are two ways of reduction of time of a dream. If you have a free schedule, and you can regulate that time when you need to work and when to have a rest, then you should use such phenomenon as a polyphase dream. If there is no free schedule, then it will be necessary to time transition between phases of a dream and to reduce it to a minimum.

We will consider physiology of a dream of the person. All process of a dream is divided into so-called phases which length approximately equals to 90 minutes. After end of such phase of people wakes up and instantly fills up, but as a brain of the person - one of the most perfect " mechanisms; in the world, it at once erases from memory of reminiscence of this short-term awakening. As a result in the morning of people even does not remember that he woke up and thinks that overslept deeply all night long.

If to wake the person at the time of end of one of phases - he will feel slept and vigorous. If compulsory awakening happens at the beginning or the middle of such phase - the person will feel broken, not slept and absolutely powerless. If the person managed to oversleep two phases and at the end of the second he was woken - the effect of feeling of cheerfulness and a vyspannost doubles. Respectively, the more phases the person - the better overslept.

The reader can ask a natural question: How then to calculate duration of such phase at the specific person? . For this purpose not one day of experiments which results need to be written down in the diary is required. At the end of experiment it to be necessary to remove average value which will be correct for the specific person.

To start experiment we will establish duration of one phase of 90 minutes and plus eight minutes to fall asleep.

Has to afflict several the reader if he hoped that in 90 minutes of a dream he will get up and will be able to feel rather vigorously. The same will be at a dream lasting 180 minutes (3 hours). The result will be slightly better if to wake up in 270 minutes. The noticeable tone is observed if to wake up at the end of the fourth phase, that is in 6 hours.

So, we will sum up the small result. Successfully it is required to use the above described technique about ten days on determination of individual length of a phase and time for falling asleep. It is initially recommended to accept phase length to equal 90 minutes and 9 - 10 minutes on falling asleep. That is initially force an alarm clock to ring out in 6 hours 10 minutes after you went to bed. The statistics shows that the person needs about 10 - 14 days more or less precisely to determine length of phases and amount of time for falling asleep is concrete for himself.

I want to warn the reader that such system of a sleep deprivation can lead in the future to some consequences, it as sleeplessness, an elevated pressure and some other also.

Also people who during the day experience serious physical activities are not recommended to use the above described system.

Dear reader, if you have an opportunity to sleep more than 6 hours a day - use it, it is not necessary to scoff at the organism in vain.