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That Mendeleyev invented earlier: periodic system of elements or vodka?

on February 2, 1907, exactly 100 years ago, our remarkable compatriot - Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev died. I took an interest at the friends who what remembers Mendeleyev?

- Got drunk, prikemarit, the table dreamed, in the morning instead of an opokhmel rushed to place chemical elements, - Kirill right there responded.

- You if only to get drunk, - parried Nastya, - the person tried. And, by the way, he was Alexander Blok father-in-law. That poem Twelve wrote.

- Vodka he invented! - Kostya raised a thumb of the right hand. - Man!

- And I read that once, in a total solar eclipse it in the balloon over clouds rose not to miss supervision, - Olga noticed. - And all considered him as the dead!

How many people, are so much also opinions!

Meanwhile, D. I. Mendeleyev`s figure not such unambiguous. So, the Petersburg researcher of life and activity of the scientist Yu. Chukanov is sure that vodka was invented not by the Russian chemist, but the Spanish alchemist and, in combination, Catholic Saint Raymond Lyully in the 12th century. And Mendeleyev only wrote the doctoral dissertation Compounds of alcohol with " water;. By the way, there was it in 1865, that is in four years prior to opening of the Periodic Table.

He as well did not study impact of alcohol on an organism. And the standard in 40 degrees was introduced in England for the first time - for the best collecting of taxes on distilleries. From there it was also borrowed imperial monopole . Traditional Russian vodka and ratafiya always were in 27 degrees

Not everything so unambiguously and with the theory dream when opening periodic system. According to the same Chukanov, Mendeleyev had 70 cards on which he wrote down names of chemical elements known at that time and every evening to the first roosters played solitaire so far he did not meet.

Indirect confirmations to it is also at the Doctor of Engineering R. Saifullin from Tatarstan which specifies that when on March 1, 1869 D. I. Mendeleyev published the periodic law and the table of elements, it contained 67 elements.

Who author theories of a dream we do not learn today any more. Most likely, it was one leisure journalist who wanted to draw thus attention, both to the articles, and to D. I. Mendeleyev`s identity.

And now several facts from life of the great chemist about which either do not know, or forget.

In the " magazine; Science and life I found No. 7 for 2004 such interesting information: from all number of its works actually only 9% are devoted to chemistry. With the much bigger basis of Dmitry Ivanovich it would be possible to call the physicist - the chemist, the physicist or the technologist because he devoted to each of these areas about 20% of the works. At last, the considerable share of its researches is the share of geophysics (5%) and economy (8%).

And here short chronology of the first half of life of the brilliant scientist: was born in a family of the director of the Tobolsk gymnasium and was the seventeenth, last child (survived only eight). In 21 years ends naturally - mathematical faculty of the main teacher training college in St. Petersburg. In 22 - defends the mathematical dissertation on measurement of specific weight of substances. In 27 years - publishes the textbook Organic chemistry which undergoes six reprintings in pre-revolutionary Russia.

And here small list hobbies Mendeleyev: the thinnest chemical researches and cheese making, the pulsing pump and effect of fertilizers, temperature of an upper atmosphere and the most convenient designs of oil lamps. He was interested in problems of navigation and shipbuilding, was engaged in development of a customs tariff, worked in the Main Board of Weights and Measures.

The scientist wrote about world air and about Kuindzhi`s picture, about the " ice breaker; Yermak and about development of the Donetsk coals.

And its opening of the recipe of smokeless gunpowder still is considered one of the most brilliant operations in military investigation. In 1891 Dmitry Ivanovich went to official journey to France. The French authorities hospitably welcomed the guest and even arranged hour excursion to plant of smokeless gunpowder, but to the offer to open a secret of its chemical composition answered with flat refusal.

What was made by Mendeleyev? Having heard what the special branch line is brought to plant, he carefully studied all publications about transportations of raw materials and products on plant, asked citizens whether there were failures in their delivery? The received data on amount of the delivered to plant of cellulose, sulfuric and nitric acids allowed the scientist to make recipe smokeless gunpowder which in an improved version was approved by the Russian gunners on Volkovy half of St. Petersburg. The Russian option of smokeless gunpowder called by Mendeleyev pirokollodiyny began to be made in Russia in industrial scale.

If to put on one scales vodka and gunpowder then you will not tell that it was more useful to Russia!