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What is a decoupage. Production of handmade - gifts.

Decorative equipment a decoupage originate in the early Middle Ages. The decoupage implies scenery of ware, fabrics, candles, trays, handbags, caskets. It can be scenery of any wooden, plastic and glass surface.

For a decoupage napkins are most often used. It is easiest way to update any subject. At a decoupage usual napkins with in advance put pattern or special napkins for a decoupage are used. Besides napkins it can be also the patterns made of a tree or other suitable material. The simple equipment of a decoupage gives to any subject refinement and originality. Everyone can use this equipment and create own unique product. For this purpose it is necessary to choose drawing - a pattern which will be applied on a certain subject. It can be cut out from a beautiful napkin or from paper. Special glue for a decoupage is also necessary, the put pattern will become impregnated with it. One of cunnings on reduction in cost of process is replacement of special dekupazhny glue with usual PVA.

To give a natural look to a product, it is better to cover the pasted drawing from above with a dekupazhny varnish. For this purpose the varnish and a brush of average rigidity is required. The cut-out drawing carefully becomes impregnated with glue and is placed on the necessary part of the decorated subject. It is necessary to paste accurately, it is worth avoiding various folds and roughness. After full drying of glue the varnish is put. Varnishes for a decoupage happen as usual, and to effect of a sostarivaniye, so-called craquelures. After drying of a varnish the pattern looks incredibly naturally. If to do all work accurately, then the pattern will look as at factory drawing.

The author`s decoupage is actively used for creation of beautiful handmade of gifts. It can be refined caskets, romantic candles, original chopping boards. The decoupage allows everyone to create phenomenally colourful gift with which darling and the loved one will be delighted. You can independently create own service or a series of unique plates. The gift decorated by equipment of a decoupage will appreciate everyone. This equipment lets know that it is easy to give an author`s gift and simply. It is only necessary to find a little time and to enclose a soul piece.