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How to become successful and at what here English?

In a pursuit of improvement of own life are so habitual to repeat the phrase: I want to be successful. And whether there are concrete steps in achievement of this purpose? So, a drumbeat, the audience stood waiting and the compere by a vigorous voice declares: we Will determine by


Yes what means to be successful? Everyone in own way understands the word success. For someone success - with a medal to graduate from school, for another - to put on legs of four children, for the third - to organize charity foundation, and the fourth should promote. Whatever were the purposes, in the beginning it is worth being defined that is understood as this attracting word - success . And then to begin to work. If dealt with definition of success, we Will carry out by



What resources needs to be involved to approach the purpose? It is necessary to hold negotiations with foreign colleagues? What for this purpose will be required? Contacts, communications, language proficiency? What is the time is on hand? Whether demands the movement to the purpose of financial expenses and if yes, that what?

To become the successful person - means rationally to use the resources and not to neglect the personal growth and improvement of the skills.

Tomorrow negotiations should be held with the translator, but, perhaps, it is worth thinking also of foreign language courses. Today it is possible to ask other company for the help, and tomorrow it is worth organizing the training courses for employees.

To understand what is also what does not get - an important step on the way to achievement of any purpose. As soon as gaps are revealed, it is possible to start their completion.

we Get acquainted with success stories

Successful people always almost by heart know biographies of on what feet (being expressed figuratively) they went. Those people at whom they could learn something. To realize themselves, it is useful to get acquainted with biographies, ideas and stories of success of those who could already prove to themselves and the world that he is a successful person. Communication even if also correspondence, with such people can always give the new point of view, will help to see the solution of a task on the other hand. Of course, it does not mean that the elected persons have to become idols - imitation not the most optimum behavior model - conditions and situations in which it is necessary to work, at all different! we Are interested in

in the opinion

People like to give each other advice, like to do as friends or relatives advised, and then on them to shift the blame for failures if they suddenly comprehended. For this reason it is better to ask council not relatives, and impartial people. Critically it is much easier to consider words of the fellow worker, than the word of the best friend from - for tendencies to unconditionally trust words of the last. You should not take opinions of authorities on trust - before beginning to do something it is always worth wondering own opinion at most.

Well and and here English?

Without English here anywhere. As a rule, the success comes to those who are able to communicate with people and to clearly express the point of view. In the modern world it is never impossible to learn whom will be your following ally, the colleague or the investor - the Australian with the French roots or the most indigenous American. Therefore well to have the instrument of communication with such people. Often business or creative projects arise not at a negotiating table, and in the course of long communication when both parties know each other rather well, know what it is possible to expect from the ally and to what investigation it is possible to go with it. By itself, communication through the translator gives to any dialogue, even within the most informal action, an ofitsioznost shade. In such conditions it is difficult to have a heart-to-heart talk.

One person who became the student of a course of English liked to tell about the company in which he worked. It appeared, staff it for 60% consisted of Americans, and, as a rule, all of them held senior positions. And of course, those employees who could communicate with the administration in language clear to them, caused bigger trust and sympathy, their initiatives were welcomed more often than proposals of Russian-speaking colleagues. Let`s not begin to exaggerate and argue on discrimination, and better we will call it a personal involvement. Those people to whom communication happens without intermediaries, seem more reliable.

By the way, for many people coming to an English course to Applied Education, the knowledge of English is a success synonym. English will allow me to find more highly paid vacancy, - tell one. English will help me not to lose clients only because I do not know language, - approve others.

If the purposes are clear, resources are distributed, and studying of English is one of steps on the way to success - register in a free fact-finding lesson of a course of English in Applied Education. Here you learn to speak and think in English without cramming.

Achieve the objectives and success to you!