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How to choose a good tie?

the Tie - a sure sign of the businessman. Quality of a tie and a harmony of its combination to a suit and a shirt indicate success of the man and his cultural level. Unsuccessfully picked up tie is capable to spoil the first impression even if other objects of clothes are picked up ideally. The second chance to make the first impression will not be.

what it is necessary to pay attention at the choice of a tie to?

Correct length. the Tie has to reach a belt buckle. Otherwise he will make a figure disproportionate. Standard ties often do not suit people with growth above or below an average. An exit - to order a tie in studio to individual measures.

Correct width. Classics - the tie width equal to width of lapels of a jacket. Besides classics, periodically become fashionable tight, wide ties. Depending on what style is closer to you, you can wear ties of different width. It is interesting that in England tight ties (7 - 8 cm) while inhabitants of Europe and the USA prefer wider - from 7 to 9,5 cm

the Correct material are traditionally fashionable. the Cheap tie it is visible at once, and it does not decorate the businessman at all. The most expensive, but also most qualitative ties are sewed from natural a chink, possessing noble gloss. To find qualitative silk ties in usual shops it is difficult - the Internet - " studio comes to the rescue; The Shirt - on - the order where it is possible to order a tie from tens of options of silk fabrics.

Color and pattern. the Choice of color and a pattern has so many features that sometimes it seems - easier to choose a suit to a tie, than a tie - to a suit. Basic rule: the tie and a shirt should not compete with each other who is brighter! To dark suits and a light shirt it is better for suit to pick up a tie in tone, to a light suit and a light shirt - in tone to a shirt. Claret and it is dark - blue ties will approach practically any dark shirt and a suit. It is necessary to be bright at the choice more carefully - red ties - they can to attract to itself attention of people around, distracting it from the owner of a tie. The tie with traditional patterns in a strip or a speck will be ideally suited for a business suit. The contrast strip and a cage are intended for ties in casual style - they are used for informal meetings.

Where to buy a qualitative tie?


in shops presented Today the big range of ties, but try to find among them suitable for your suit! You will understand as far as it is a complex challenge, already in the first shop or boutique. The wide choice of coloring does not mean the same choice of the sizes, length, tie width at all, without speaking about other details.

It is much simpler and more convenient to order a tie in the Internet - " studio; The Shirt - on - the order where at choice of buyers - about 70 types of necktie fabrics. Besides material, on the website it is possible to set nearly ten parameters of a tie: length, width, form, inclination of strips, thickness, options of embroideries and many other things. Using services the Internet - studio, you will be able to receive an exclusive tie at the price which is not exceeding the cost of a qualitative product in shop. tie Cost from the Italian silk begins from 1200 rubles with delivery.

Except ties, on the website of studio it is possible to order tailoring of a classical men`s or female shirt from import and Russian fabrics. Besides traditional materials, in studio there are streychevy fabrics, and also non - fabric iron. Shirts from the last are practically not rumpled and do not demand an ironing.

The Internet - " studio; The Shirt - on - the order wishes you pleasant purchases!