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When and how gamblings appeared?

History of gamblings is covered with a gloom. However scientists claim that the concept of passion is not new and there are in the world already much more than one thousand years. Here only to build a complete picture of evolution of gamblings quite not easy.

Archeologists often find objects which were applied in gamblings in the remains of material culture. Bones were the most widespread game in all corners of the planet initially. To the most ancient found bones about 4 thousand years. By the way, the word passion - the Arab origin, from azzakhr - dice .

Often figures, drawings on stones or ceramics represent people or gods throwing grandmas (the grandma - astragalus is a collision bone or an interphalanx joint of a sheep or dog) and using calculating boards for calculation of results of game. In many excavation of prehistoric parking of the person of earlier period of the grandma find in large numbers. Perhaps, 40000 years ago people threw these bones in gamblings, but rules and an order of these games completely are, of course, not known.

Bones were used both for throwing of a lot, and for gambling. For example, Aryan aggressors of India in 2 - m the millennium BC very much loved gamblings. Dicing by nuts of a vibkhidak was popular among all castes, except very religious people. Collection of Vedic anthems of Rigved contains the poem Complaints of the Player in one of stanzas of which god Savitr is quoted: Do not play dice, and plow the furrow! Find pleasure in the property and highly appreciate it! Look behind the cattle and for the wife, the contemptible player! - so noble Savitr " speaks to me;.

Cards appeared in India. Ancient Indian cards were round, had eight colors, and the pack consisted of 96 cards. The principle of game reminded chess, than modern cards more. From the European states, first of all, Italy where mentions of cards occur already in documents of the second half of the 14th century applies for a card palm. In Italy, according to researchers, the most ancient gambling - Thurrock was invented.

Many mentions of gamblings contain in national legends of various cultures worldwide. The Greek and Roman myths are mentioned god of gambling, or god of good luck. Irish and Scots have legends on the unusual rates or rates which were not demanded by winners. But the most numerous drama stories about gamblings can be found in national literature of Asia, including Hugo - East Asia, Japan, Philippines and India. In Asia there is a set of national legends how men used as rates in gambling of own wives, sisters, daughters, own bodies or parts of a body. Some of these legends of an ancient origin, in some it is told about gamblings with gods whereas others - absolutely secular character. One more continent rich with national legends about gamblings, - North America. From all enough studied people gambling a half - North American Indians.

The Roman emperors very much liked to play dice, and Augustus and Claudius did it very often, especially. But dicing was allowed simple citizens of Rome only during certain seasons. During the Middle Ages priests and kings made attempts of eradication of gamblings, and their failures serve as confirmation of durability of thirst for game passion.

In 1765 in France the first device for game in a roulette appeared. The authorship is attributed to the police officer Gabriel de Sartina, wished to think up gambling in which it would be impossible to swindle. According to other version a roulette - result of unsuccessful experiment of the French philosopher and mathematician Pascal who tried to create the perpetual motion machine.

the First casino in 1863 was opened by Charlz Grimaldi, prince Knyazhestva of Monaco. This Italian word means country house .

The gaming machines called in the people one-armed bandits the American mechanic Charlz Fey in 1895 thought up. Now they are the integral attribute of any casino, as well as gamblings of type black - Jack and poker.

Thus, by the beginning of the XX century were invented all main games of a modern casino. It was necessary to legalize them. And here in the forefront there was Puritan America. In Nevada (it remains to this day the only state of America where the casino is legalized), the settlement of Las - Vegas which is considered the capital of a gaming now was built. But the main business becomes in an underground, illegal gambling houses bring fabulous profits to owners.