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How to learn English, without leaving the house? I Want to tell

about how it is possible to learn English, without leaving the house. For a start there is a little theory.

To the modern person English is necessary as the breath of life. For work, study, trips, communication with friends, expansion of an outlook and just for full-fledged life. However many, even understanding need of studying of language, do not hurry to get down to business. In many respects stir the stereotypes inspired by various sources of information. For example, a stereotype that for studying of language it is necessary to possess special abilities. Actually any person is capable to learn a foreign language, and even not one, without having any special gift.

Now there is a huge choice of options of studying of English. Even more often it is possible to come across the shouting promises to train in English for short terms, once and for all. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible. Nothing can guarantee studying of language in very short terms and his knowledge during all life. The correct technique, a regularity and, of course, own efforts is important.

It is important to choose that way of training which will suit studying. It becomes frequent a barrier in training a lack of time. At independent training use of the Internet solves this problem, giving the chance to define the individual schedule of occupations.

Many, learning language at school or on special courses, coming to the English-speaking countries practically cannot communicate and understand. The real spoken language very much differs from the language taught according to standard programs. For this reason now one their most effective ways of training, apart from life in the English-speaking environment, development of authentic content - viewing of movies, listening and reading audiobooks, news, podcasts is. Why authentic? This only thing that will help to master a living language which speak carriers and to learn to understand the foreign speech. It is the fastest and natural way.

Now about the main thing: On March 1 the beta - the version of the LinguaLeo service for studying of English online was started. Service unites in itself already familiar techniques and realizes them at the high level. LinguaLeo uses five effective principles in the work: constant motivation, perception of a living language visually and aurally, independent copying of an original pronunciation, optimum regularity and intensity.

The LinguaLeo service is created by talented team of the Russian developers in Thailand. The atmosphere of the tropical country exerted impact on registration of the website and strategy of training of users. English is a jungle, and studying - their subjugator and the researcher. LinguaLeo invites everyone in fascinating travel!

Everything that is necessary: computer and Internet. And further - the whole world at legs of the beginning researcher!

However to conquer the jungle of English the pupil will go not one! All way with it there will pass a personal pet - Lingualeo. This animal requires daily attention and feeding. Exists even day hunger monitor . But Lingualev eats not meat, but the English lexicon. Than more time to spend on service, the more new words and expressions gets to a lexicon, the Lingualev is happier. And the level of proficiency in English at studying is better for those.

However Lingualeo not only eats and trains, but also communicates, makes recommendations about further training. It helps to be in a constant tone and to keep accurate motivation. Every day on service the virtual friend expects!

The principle of action of service consists in the following. It is initially necessary to choose the current level of knowledge of language, at the same time each level has explanations which will be able to define most precisely a condition of language at the moment. The system automatically offers target level (one step higher than flowing), and also individually counts the program. It is worth specifying, in how many days it is necessary to reach target level, and the system speaks on how many hours a day to be engaged. If to specify duration of one occupation, then she will prompt how many days remain to the purpose.

Further it is necessary to choose type of exercises. In the section Jungle service offers more than one thousand movies, audiobooks, songs, clips, news, the presentations and reportings in English with the parallel text in the next window. All materials are created by native speakers that helps to learn a living language at once. Listening to such speech, it is possible it is possible to allocate for itself the slightest nuances of a pronunciation and intonation.

In operating time always near at hand there is an interactive contextual dictionary. Having clicked the word, we will at once get the transfer offered by the built-in dictionary. If it does not approach, it is possible to look at value in any of five online - dictionaries (Google, Multitran...) and to enter pleasant independently. By default the most popular translation chosen as others of users of service is given. At guidance of the cursor it is transferred by automatic machine by means of the built-in translator from Google to the offer that helps to understand sense of all phrase.

All new words get in " at once; " Dictionary; together with a context of their use. You can add own association which will help to fix the word in memory and to see forms of its use and a word form. Also everyone can expand a word meaning, having added the additional translations.

For strong storing of words the section " is created; Trainings where it is possible to see exercise machines of different levels of complexity. On the first, the easiest, the word is translated from English into Russian, on the second - from Russian into English, on the third - the word gathers from these letters. As soon as more than 10 words at one of levels collect, training is activated.

And that else is important, when passing trainings works the mechanism of interval repetition. It does not allow to pass all levels of trainings in a row for one word, without interruption. Term maturing for transition of the word from level to level makes 6 hours. If you were mistaken in training, then repeatedly you will be able to pass it for the same word too not earlier than in 6 hours.

On each page is so-called compass . He prompts methodology of studying of language and gives advice on use of functionality of service. Service counts activity on development of content and words, passing of exercise machines also fixes statistics in the magazine of development.

According to more than 1000 users from the moment of service opening, it is already possible to draw a conclusion that LinguaLeo. ru offers really breakthrough approach to studying of English online!

Conquer the jungle of foreign languages together with LinguaLeo!