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What are East and Western approach to life?

the East and the West - two roads the leading nowhere, two silly human attempts to outwit itself and life.

East tradition turned the person into the phantom, illusion, fiction, a hallucination. Such is there was a way of disposal of sufferings and will to sense . Buddha declared desires the reason of all sufferings, and all human - a waking dream. Once he was disturbed by questions on which it could not find the answer. Now these questions disappeared, and together with them also questioning completely disappeared.

He looked for an exit and found it is that called awakening . In the western dictionary it would be designated as nihilism . Later Nietzsche was influenced by it. It was similar to eternal dizzy falling down without an opportunity sometime to reach a bottom. The accruing alienation and madness, the meditation which is coming to an end with a collapse of the mental world of the person. Paradise Lost is not found, but where scandalous got to? In a gloom of the Universe the darkness is condensed.

Followers quickly grabbed idea value, but were more reasonable in its operation.

Time of people and the world are uniform, and separates from this truth only understanding, it is just tremendous news! Live to yourself in this world and consume what the world offers you. And when it will become uncomfortable, simple remember that all events a dream. Any purpose, any responsibility, any sense, any suffering. Everything ingeniously and just as clear as a day. Only follow the understanding! But here - that was also waited by a dirty trick

understanding it Appears if not to control it and not to direct, can bring not absolutely there where it is necessary. Therefore for greater reliability the following rules for the enlightenment which is looking for truth were formulated:

1) If your understanding does not lead you to thought that your existence is uniform with the world and space, you mean realized not truth, and something else.

2) If you are tormented by responsibility for the destiny, and for wellbeing of the children and relatives, you mean still it is far from an enlightenment.

3) If you are tormented sometimes still by pangs of conscience for the acts, and sense of guilt haunts you, you mean did not learn all relativity of the good and evil yet.

4) If you have feeling of dependence on some people dear to you and from consequences of the choice, you mean did not comprehend still perfect freedom of a nirvana.

5) If you are still capable to fall in love, cherish silly romantic feelings, to seek to make happy somebody with the presence, you mean it is so far from awakening as the North Pole from southern.

And t. d .

So supposedly without Teacher you do not go anywhere, and that get lost and it will be difficult for Teacher to find you and to receive from you a deserved official message of thanks in the form of different poleznost, money and so forth

the Western tradition worked over the person with the grace. They reflected so: time of people suffers, it means it is imperfect. Let`s make ourselves stronger, we will be engaged in self-improvement, and there look and we will find desired freedom. So race behind the power and control began. And to be a person began to mean - to be weak and fateful. Rule and dominate, be improved and again rule and dominate. You are all-powerful and imperious while you support and feed control illusion. Ambition and greed - you in the help. The sense as always stays behind scenes.

- do not trust the motto first to people . Never you can be sure what from them to wait. And uncertainty is weakness Money and things are much more reliable. Surround yourself with them in such quantity to occupy all empty space and if you can, then grow together with them. And knowledge and different information are still very important. It is informed - means it is warned. The more you know, the less you sleep. But to sleep all the same dangerously. The dream is uncontrollable, so it is a gap in protection.

Second motto : avoid responsibility . Do not answer to anybody except yourself and you will be free From sense of guilt and from obligations. There is still an alternative - responsibility to god. But only provided that he is manual god. Knowledge and sharp intelligence will help you will cope with such god in no time.

Therefore, third motto : always reserve ways of retreat . Never give promises and there will be no need to carry out them. Speak loudly, but vaguely. Then will not take at word, and the effect nevertheless will be good. Diligently watch that your status grew quicker than your abilities.

The fourth motto is the firm rule: love yourself as yourself , a point. The psychology will help to succeed in it to you. To your happiness, she authorizes such love, so the words egoist pettiness coward nobody will dare to apply to you. Be zealous in love to yourself and over time a lot of things from nasty things will seem to you not so bad and immoral.

From here fifth iron rule : proclaim good intentions and sympathy, but never stavay in one row with sufferers , otherwise it can seriously break your vanity. And it is besides loss of control and a contingency of energy.

If you are rather diligent and constant in such practice, questions of sense of your life will leave you for a long time and maybe forever.

Here such at us short, but very entertaining history turned out. History of falling of the person. A story about two big changes under the name West and East.

And who such person, at the end - that the ends?! The person is a person, something average between God and an angel. The poor got confused creation However, there is one good detail - all of us time move somewhere, so sometime this road to something yes will bring