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What do girls who attract to themselves men, from ordinary girls differ in?

the Woman are the weakest when loves, and is the strongest - when it is loved.

So - behavior - here that distinguishes women - favourites from ordinary women!

At once the question and how then it is necessary to behave that the opposite sex was attracted to you, how to a magnet arises?

Most important: it is necessary to make so that men tried to be pleasant to you! This behavior is called BEHAVIOUR of the PRIZE . You a prize, and he tries and tries to win you!

When we meet the person, we talk to him, we communicate and we understand that it is pleasant to us, that big desire which arises in the head is to be pleasant to it! We try that he paid the attention to us! We try to please it!

Here in it is that and the biggest mistake consists. The man understands that he is pleasant to the woman, and begins it to appreciate less. It for it any more not a prize! It does not need to win it, she looks for approvals from its party. As a result the man becomes a prize, and his interest in this woman gradually cools down!

What to do?

Practical advice No. 1. Always think: What do I do in order that the man wanted to attract me? . What can I do in order that he wanted to fight for me? Even if you know nothing - think so. It will be already very good! In your head there will be such installation, and even some of your actions will change!

Practical advice No. 2. show it More often that you, communication with you it is necessary to deserve still that you should achieve still! For example:

It: You will go with me to cinema?

It: Let`s look on your behavior as you will behave!

Practical advice No. 3. Create around yourself the competition. For example, tell it so unostentatiously: I love when I am given flowers . What can be understood from this phrase: in - the first that to you is given by flowers, and, in - the second that many men give you flowers.

It is possible to tell, for example: Today the friend gave a ride to me. So I did not like to go with it. Next time I will go with another. . To you it is not important that he will think, but he will draw the conclusions: in - the first that you have friends with cars, and, in - the second that friends such really much. Means, you such girl who is pleasant to men, and, therefore, he will want to be pleasant to you too!

Practical advice No. 4. Throw down a challenge. Yes, such girls are male favourites accidentally throw calls. It is known everything that forbidden fruit is sweetest! . Tell among men, for example, I do not fall in love with men .

Result - many will want that you fell in love. Or tell accidentally: At you it will not turn out to tempt me - and he will make all efforts to tempt you. And there is one strong phrase (also receptions of the NLP are used here) - Even if you strongly would like, it would not turn out to tempt and achieve me from you! .

Particle not here plays a large role - the man will really want to tempt and get to fall in love the woman! This phrase - as an appeal to action!

Practical advice 5. Never justify. Shortcomings need to be shown correctly and seldom! But it is necessary to show! Perceive both criticism, and a praise equally. You prize!

It: You are such impudent!

you: Yes, I am such.

It: You are such beautiful!

you: Yes, I am such!

Show that you are loved. That you - a desired prize for many people. That many want to get the relations with you. To spend time with you! And it is unimportant, whether so it actually! If you think that men really love you, then shortly you should beat off the uncountable number of admirers!